Former Premier of Montserrat Reuben T Meade Should Indeed Come Forward and Speak On The State of The Country

Former Montserrat Premier Reuben T Meade

Jeevan A. Robinson

Release Date

Sunday, December 12, 2021


I agree. Former Premier of Montserrat Reuben T Meade must speak publicly on the state of affairs on the island of Montserrat. 

There is an unwritten rule in some political quarters, that former Leaders should not speak too openly on the performance of future Administrations, once they have left active politics. This rule may have the makings of a gentleman's agreement, however, extraordinary times calls for extraordinary measures when it comes to political engagement. 

The fact is clear for all to see. It does not matter what side of the political divide one sits, there is no mistaking the cry of the people that Montserrat is undergoing extraordinarily difficult times under this currently ruling MCAP Administration, led by Hon Premier Easton Taylor-Farrell. 

If you cast your mind back to elections 2019, it was Former Premier Meade, who one can say saved MCAP's skin and took them over the threshold (narrowly) by convincing his legion of loyal supporters to back the MCAP Team he was campaigning for.

I have never been convinced he did this thinking that they had the requisite skills and political nous to take Montserrat forward, but more so the pressure may have been brought to bare upon him by the Party machinery to lend a hand in helping a struggling campaign that was more focused on misdirections, misinformation, and thin-skinned campaigning - crying to all and sundry each time a political upper cut was delivered in response to one of their jabs. 

You know, as a brief aside, I always found that aspect of the 2019 campaign to be the most farcical. Here it is that the MCAP campaign camp thought it was within their domain to 'throw licks" as we would say colloquially. However, the moment some blatant facts were thrown back at them they ran and cried that the campaign was ugly and ill-tempered and all manner of wimpish responses. So much crying and moaning on the radio, seemingly served to fool many people. They acted innocent, when in fact they ran the most underhandedly dirtiest campaign in recent history. I observed their slick play and yawned at it all, for if you come into the political ring, then gloves up! Or stay ringside. It is the nature of the beast. 

It was Former Premier, Reuben T Meade, whom I strongly feel compromised his conscience and better judgement in telling voters to give Hon Easton Taylor-Farrell and his bunch a chance. If one recalls, the now Premier Farrell stated openly during the campaign that Former Premier Meade would be his Administration's investment guru. Reuben was to be despatched to places like Dubai and other areas where rich investors were waiting - perhaps twiddling their thumbs, as he would bring them to Montserrat to invest! 

They also stated that Former Premier Meade would be one of their key advisors; guiding them and helping to steer the ship in their governance of Montserrat. These things they openly stated! 

Now the questions beg, where is Reuben as the Investment Emissary? Where is Reuben as their Chief Advisor? For if RTM is advising this bunch, then they do a poor job of representing the political legacy of a man many consider to be giant in Montserrat political circles; with great respect also to RTM's name regionally amongst leaders of similar ilk. 

The reports are that RTM has been cast aside. He is not listened to. Allegedly, at one point, him seeking a meeting with the current Premier Taylor-Farrell, he was pushed back in the queue, having to wait until the Premier had time for him. RTM allegedly bringing potential investment interest to Montserrat to the tune of an alleged US$15 million - he was rebuffed and not given a proper airing by the very same Party and Premier he expended so much energy in helping to put into power. 

So yes, Former Premier Reuben T Meade must come out and speak on the state of the country. Is this the leadership on display that he approves of? 

Is this the Leadership on display that he has coached and trained? Is he the MCAP Party's Investment Advisor? 

Truth is, we all want to know what role he assumes within this MCAP Administration's setup?

Well, I did write several times, and even during the election of 2019, telling RTM not to allow himself to be used. It is alleged that the Scientist does not regard him very highly. Also, The Premier is wary of being seen to be in his shadow, or to give any impression that it is RTM running the country behind the scenes. Let's face it, they used you and discarded of you Premier Meade. 

So come on, come to the radio and state your piece on the state of Montserrat. Or will you do a political paint job and not say what needs to be said to save MCAP's shrivelling political skin?

Examine your conscience and come and talk to the people Mr Meade. We all want to hear you. 

Note: Note: Jeevan A. Robinson is Founder & CEO of MNI Media, the parent company of publishing outlet, MNI -  to which he contributes op-eds on various issues. He can be reached at

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