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With the “Year of Wellness” in Los Cabos still in full swing, travelers are flocking to the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula to lounge on its beautiful sand beaches, indulge in its world-class spas, and reconnect with nature within its unique topography. Among this influx of visitors seeking to rest and recharge, Los Cabos has gained particular favor with couples seeking the ultimate destination wedding. It’s a natural fit: after all, what creates more peace and happiness than saying “I do!” at your dream ceremony as the sun dips below the horizon behind the famous Los Cabos Arch.

Los Cabos embraces Wellness in all its forms and cuts no corners in its offering to visitors: with panoramic vistas, romantic resorts, and countless memorable honeymoon excursions. It’s little wonder that many couples are choosing Los Cabos to kickstart a lifetime of wellness and happiness. For those soon-to-be-weds who still may be on the fence, we lay out five of the biggest reasons why Los Cabos needs to be on your radar for a wedding this summer. 

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Reason #1: The Scenery

Appearances certainly count for something when choosing a wedding venue, and one of the most significant draws of Los Cabos is its captivating scenery. The combination of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean creates breathtaking views that you won't find anywhere else. The rugged coastline, sandy beaches, and beautiful sunsets are perfectly complementary ingredients for an unforgettable wedding. The rock formations and arches that rise out of the water are a unique feature of the Los Cabos coastline and create a dramatic and romantic backdrop for a wedding ceremony. Many wedding venues in Los Cabos offer stunning views of the ocean, totally immersing both participants and guests in the destination’s engrossing ambiance. Whether you're looking for a classic beach wedding or an adventurous ceremony on a clifftop, Los Cabos has something for everyone.

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Reason #2: The Weather

Los Cabos is known for its warm, sunny weather all year round. Couples who choose to get married here can expect comfortable temperatures and clear skies for their wedding day. The warm climate creates a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere that is perfect for a romantic wedding and soothing any wedding day jitters. The notable lack of humidity in the air makes the weather in Los Cabos more comfortable than in many other beach destinations. Even in the winter months, the temperature rarely drops below 21 degrees Celsius, so couples can plan a wedding in Los Cabos at any time of the year. The consistent weather in Los Cabos means that couples can opt for an outdoor ceremony without having to worry about the weather ruining their special day.
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Reason #3: The Culture

With a strong, vibrant culture and storied local traditions, a ceremony in Los Cabos inevitably takes on a little bit of the character of the destination itself. From eclectic Mexican-fusion cuisine to lively music and dancing, couples can realize a wedding celebration concept that is infused with the local culture. The warmth and hospitality of the locals create a welcoming atmosphere for couples and their guests. Many resorts in Los Cabos also offer authentic Mexican experiences, such as tequila tastings and cooking classes, which can be incorporated into the wedding festivities. Couples who want a truly unique wedding can choose to have a traditional Mexican wedding ceremony, complete with a mariachi band and a tequila toast.
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Reason #4: The Properties

Los Cabos claims some of the most impressive accommodations in the world - and not solely in the realm of sprawling oceanside resorts and elegant, boutique villas. Whether you're looking for an intimate ceremony or a grand celebration, there are plenty of venues and resorts to choose from. Couples seeking a classically luxurious ceremony can opt for the Esperanza, a gem in Cabo San Lucas surrounded by lush gardens and palm trees. The resort hosts weddings in its garden, on its beach, and in its own chapel, empowering guests to enjoy a totally bespoke ceremony with the help of a dedicated wedding staff. For a uniquely rustic alternative, Flora Farms’ farm-to-table restaurant and charming cottages might just be the best stand-alone outdoor venue in Los Cabos. Surrounded by awe-inspiring mountains, this working farm offers customized organic menus for each wedding, allowing couples to choose the dishes that best reflect their tastes and preferences.


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Reason #5: The Wellness

While Wellness in Los Cabos is very much a feeling one derives from its natural beauty, culture, and climate, it’s also a very tangible offering of profoundly restorative experiences that double as perfect honeymoon activities. Whatever your definition of Wellness is, you’ll find something to satisfy it in Los Cabos. The couple seeking the classic and intimate spa experience should book some time at The Spa by Esperanza. Opt for the “Rites of Passage” package, which starts with a rhythmic water massage for two before transitioning into a traditional full-body massage complete with seaweed, hot oil, and aromatherapy. For couples who need nothing but each other and the great outdoors, Pedregal de La Paz is a secluded trail in the hills above Cabo San Lucas ideal for biking, hiking, and walking. The trail - which offers moderate elevation and sweeping views of the mountains and sea - is a relaxing way to connect directly with the nature of Los Cabos…and the person you are discovering it with.

The bottom line? Los Cabos does destination weddings differently. Place an emphasis on Wellness for your big day and start planning at

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