Experience Extreme Wellness in Los Cabos Part I

Whales in Los Cabos

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Monday, April 10, 2023

In stunning Los Cabos, wellness can take many - sometimes surprising - forms. For the more traditional visitor, wellness might mean a trip to one of the world-class spas, an organic farm-to-table meal, or some much-needed R&R on one of the destination’s idyllic beaches. For a particularly intrepid (and growing!) subset of visitors, wellness is the product of an unforgettable adrenaline rush: a deep sense of satisfaction gained only after conquering an incredible challenge. For these devotees of ‘Extreme Wellness’, peace and tranquility are seemingly paradoxically tied to the thrill of taking a risk…but honestly? They just might be onto something.
If you feel that way as well and long for the sort of experience that both scares and delights you, Los Cabos is a haven for extreme adventures unlike any other. Below, we spotlight a few of the destination’s best operators and excursions to get you started on your foray into the exciting world of ‘Extreme Wellness’. More to come …
Photo courtesy of Cabo Sky Tours

Cabo Sky Tours

See the dramatic landscape of Los Cabos as the seabirds do, as you soar above its sights on a powered hang glider. Operator Ernesto Magaña has 30 years of flying experience and expert knowledge of the geography of Los Cabos, guaranteeing an informative and safe flight for the entire family. Cabo Sky Tours offers a variety of routes, with flight times ranging from ten minutes to over an hour.

The Sand Dunes Sky Tour takes participants down the coast and around a storied lighthouse before swooping over Los Cabos’ famous dunes. This particular tour comes in both smooth and extreme varieties, with the latter variant bringing passengers as close as one meter to the dunes as the glider makes exhilarating dives. The Land’s End Sky Tour is a beginner-friendly (but no less exciting!) option that navigates the astonishing geological formations rising out of Cabo San Lucas Bay. It’s also the perfect opportunity to spy sea lions, spot migratory whales, and take in the Los Cabos sunset from a truly unbeatable vantage point.

Photo courtesy of Wild Canyon Bungee Jumnping

Wild Canyon Bungee Jumping

Wild Canyon is Los Cabos’ only Bungee Jump tour operator, offering thrillseekers the unique opportunity to yo-yo through the air within the Wild Canyon Adventure Park. Participants will need all their courage to make this 300-foot dive into the desert valley waiting below. Wild Canyon is the only operator in Mexico to use a glass-bottom gondola, offering a uniquely scenic perspective for both jumpers and passengers. Professionally trained and rigorously certified guides make this jump safe and accessible for ages as young as ten. As an additional bonus, the extensive activities available at Wild Canyon make turning your Bungee tour into a comprehensive, adrenaline-fuelled day trip incredibly simple. With camel riding, ziplining, sailing, UTV tours, and more all available within the Adventure Park’s expanse, Wild Canyon is a destination of choice for those seeking an all-you-can-eat buffet of Los Cabos’ most riveting excursions.

Photo courtesy of Cabo Shark Dive

Cabo Shark Dive

Is there any activity more pulse-pounding than swimming with one of nature’s most feared (but most misunderstood) aquatic predators? Cabo Shark Dive is Mexico’s #1 shark diving tour operator, getting visitors up close and personal with Mako Sharks, Silky Sharks, Whale Sharks, and Smooth Hammerheads since 2015. Based in Cabo San Lucas, Cabo Shark Dive employs a dynamic, multi-disciplinary team that includes marine biologists, underwater photographers, professional shark handlers, and expert dive instructors. Whether you prefer to snorkel, free dive, or swim with the majestic creatures of Baja California Sur, Cabo Shark Dive is the team you should trust to do it safely - no shark cage required! Each tour with Cabo Shark Dive (which includes all necessary gear and transport to the diving site) is an exercise in both exhilaration and conservation, as your guides will share fascinating information about the biology and ecology of the region’s many shark species and challenge many popular misconceptions about these amazing animals. Keep your eyes open once you plunge beneath the waves: it’s not uncommon to also spot giant mantas, sea turtles, dolphins, and marlins darting around the sharks’ habitat.

Photo courtesy of Cactus ATV Tours

Cactus ATV Tours

One of the great selling points of Los Cabos is its eclectic environment. Where else can you find blue waters and green hills mingling with rocky cliffsides and rolling desert dunes? Cactus ATV Tours invites you to discover the varied geography of Los Cabos from the cockpit of the world’s most powerful all-terrain vehicle. Embark on their signature Maverick RC/RS Turbo Adventure and tear across the beaches, valleys, and deserts of Los Cabos courtesy of a 195HP, three-cylinder turbo engine. Though they look a little like something out of Mad Max, these rough-and-tumble buggies are built for safety, navigating difficult terrain and unsteady ground with ease. Go truly offroad in Los Cabos in a vehicle with the power and stability to handle the uncharted countryside of the Baja California Peninsula in all its glory. Children as young as six can ride as passengers, while individuals aged sixteen and older can drive upon presentation of a valid license. 

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