Ecuador's Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador Issues Official Coronavirus Statement


Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador

Release Date

Monday, March 2, 2020


The Ministry of Tourism informs to Ecuadorian tourism industry that, after confirming the presence of one (1) case of coronavirus in our territory, the Ministry of Public Health -official health regulator in the country- has been contacted to know the protocols to be applied and coordinate the diffusion of the mechanisms on each of the sectors.

The instructions issued from the MSP that must be taken into account are:

•       The Public Health Network in the country is activated. In case of an emergency or if personalized information is needed, you can attend to the nearest Health Center. 

•    You can search for the nearest health facility on the GeoSalud webpage:, to find a geo-reference of our medical network. 

•       In case of an emergency, meaning sanitary or any other, dial the number 9-1-1 of the Integrated Security Service.

Recommendations for the traveler

•       Have, maintain and reinforce hygiene practices. 

•       It is necessary that you always have an identity document handy. 

•       Keep frequent communication with family and friends. 

•       In case of an emergency, contact your embassy. 

•       The use of travel insurance is recommended. 

•       Review the legal and sanitary requirements to enter the country. 

•       We remind you that land, air and sea migration spots are enabled to enter Ecuador. 

•       There is no travel restriction; however, it is necessary to apply safety measures if you move to some of the areas affected by the virus outbreak. For example, contact with individuals with respiratory disorders should be avoided. 

•       It is advised to seek for immediate medical care, if you identify respiratory symptoms during or after the trip. Inform your travel operator and foresee stops at the health professional to evaluate your status. 

•       Remember to keep informed through official channels only: 




@ComunicacionEc @Salud_Ec 


@CancilleriaEc (Organización Mundial de la Salud)


If you have traveled in the last two weeks and have the following symptoms:

• Fever 

• Difficult breathing 

• Dry cough 

• Sneezing 

• Muscle pain and headaches 

• General discomfort 


Keep some distance from other people around you. Cover your nose and mouth with tissues when you sneeze or cough, and wash your hands right away. Do not self-medicate and go for an immediate medical evaluation.

The authorities comply with all the necessary protocols so that tourist can travel safely. Informative talks are given to tourists to prevent and detect respiratory symptoms at points of arrival in the country. The suspension and / or alteration of planned trips to Ecuador is not necessary.

The tourism industry is advised to be cautious with the information sent to its clients abroad. The goal is not to create unnecessary alarm. We insist on referring at all times only to the official information released in the aforementioned accounts.

As a National Government, we ratify that all necessary actions are being carried out to prevent the spread of the virus.

We share with you the official pronouncement in social media from the President Lenín Moreno, about the first case of coronavirus confirmed in the country.







Any inquiry about tourism-related topics, please contact the Tourist Welfare Management at 593 399 9333.


Our official accounts:

Twitter: @TurismoEC

Facebook: Ministry of Tourism Ecuador


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