Dominica Welcomes Launch of Food and Drink Guide 2012

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Terri Henry

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Monday, November 7, 2011


October is always a busy month in the calendar of Dominica with a full schedule of cultural events leading up to Independence Day on November 3rd. In the midst of the music, dance, festivities and shows there is always food. As such this was the perfect timing for the launch of the 3rd Dominica Food & Drink Guide.

The Food & Drink Guide contains over 100 pages showcasing the many aspects of Dominica's culinary offerings and edible products alongside a comprehensive directory of restaurants, snackettes and other eatery's. In fact, the Food & Drink Guide is highly encompassing of the array of food and drink offerings in this small island nation with major hotels showcased alongside roadside vendors and market stall holders. In the few years the guide has been produced, many of the establishments have seen increased business, higher public profiles and more revenue as a result of being featured and the guide continues to grow annually. Even the most adventurous of local Dominicans will find something new to discover as a result of the Food & Drink Guide and it is an essential resource for any visitor to the island.

For ease of use, the guide is divided into regions which showcase the best of what is available in: Roseau & its environs, West Coast, Portsmouth & its environs, East Coast & Interior, South Coast and the Roseau Valley. Each restaurant listing contains significant details of what the establishment offers alongside any other notable features. The short text is both efficient and eloquent at conveying the ambience of each place and experientially sets the scene for your dining or snacking experience. The photos are mouthwateringly tempting and clearly organized for a clear and attractive design.

Interspersed throughout the directory are editorial features which offer a more in-depth view on food and hospitality subjects. These features are unique in every edition of the guide and this year, articles are included on healthy digestion, growing a kitchen herb garden, rainforest mushrooms, being a vegetarian in Dominica, the Titiwi Festival, handmade chocolate, profile of a consultant chef and much, much more. Specific foods highlighted this year include Breadfruit, Bakes, Goats Milk and Star fruit.

To add even more taste to the mix, the guide includes a host of specialty recipes from around the island and a special guest recipe from Taymer Mason, Author of "'Caribbean Vegan', who visited the island earlier in the year for the 3rd Annual Health and Wellness Expo. Altogether, the high quality of articles, photography and editorial selections in this magazine packs it with flavour and it is ready to be savoured just as much a good meal.

The Dominica Food & Drink Guide is the inspiration of Janie Conley and Gulliver Johnson who also publish the Food & Drink Guides for Antigua & Barbuda and St Kitts & Nevis. The pair have engaged in many other creative endeavours such as collaboration with Philman George, also known as "The Rhyming Chef to produce a Food & Drink Guide DVD, and a culinary Food & Drink TV show for local television networks. A Food & Drink coffee table book entitled "'tablemanners' offers a beautifully presented roundup of the first seven years of the Guide and was published in 2010.

The contribution of the Food and Drinks Guide to the region was recently recognized by the Caribbean Business Awards who awarded them the Excellence in Hospitality Award "'for their innovative foresight in bringing Caribbean cuisine to a global audience via all technological formats.'

As if the Food & Drink Guide wasn't enough, this year the guide is printed in conjunction with Caribbean Hot Property Magazine on the flipside. Hot Property offers a guide to the best of the islands property for rental or purchase for vacations, residential or investment. Again this magazine is more than a directory but filled with high quality features on a range of topics such as culture, renewable energy, art and the marine industry. The photography is stunning and incredibly enticing - even as a resident of the island I have a renewed desire to explore Dominica and discover all these hidden pockets.

With the current global trend of declining print publications it is cause for celebration to see such a magazine thrive, especially in a relatively small market. The high quality of the publication is of an international standard and the Food and Drink Guides look set for a long and successful future.

The Dominica Food & Drink Guide is now widely available throughout the island. For more information or to read the guide online or

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Editor-in-Chief's Note:Terri Henry is freelance contributor to MNI Alive. She is a writer & wellness consultant with a focus on natural health, ecological awareness, and sustainability. She is also a mother of two and blogs on the subject of natural parenting at "'Child of the Nature Isle' (

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