Destination Wedding Couple Donation Of Musical Instruments Arrive At Princess Margaret School

Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority Team makes musical Instruments donation to Princess Margaret School  on behave of destination wedding couple.

Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority

Release Date

Friday, October 14, 2022


The Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority met with representatives of the Princess Margaret School Music Department to officially deliver the donation of musical instruments promised by Jeff and Theresa Redd, this year’s destination wedding couple who tied the knot in Antigua and Barbuda in June – Romance Month.  

The donation comes after being announced by the couple at a press conference held at Abbotts Jewelry in their honor. The groom, who is a former R&B crooner and Grammy Award-winner made the special announcement to Khan Cordice, Director of Culture, who decided that the instruments be donated to the Princess Margaret School, which has a very robust and active arts program.  

Thanks to partnership with local shipping company Ezzy Ship, the instruments which include two keyboards with stands were safely and quickly shipped to Antigua and Barbuda via FedEx free of cost.  

Romance Pillar lead, Shermain Jeremy expressed her delight at the arrival of the instruments, “We are so grateful to the Redds for this wonderful contribution to the development of our talented young people. It is the hope of the Redds and all of us here at the Tourism Authority, that this donation will be put to great use and help further develop the music program here at the Princess Margaret School.” 

The annual celebrity destination wedding saw a return in June after a two-year hiatus due to the global pandemic and is a highlight of Romance Month, which is dedicated to romance and all its facets during the month of June. The Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority continues ton position Antigua and Barbuda as a premiere destination for couples with plans for more new and exciting promotions for 2022/2023.

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