Delta Airlines To Fly Daily From USA To Guyana

 Delta Airline

Guyana Tourism Authority

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, Manniram Prashad announced on Monday that Delta Airlines has increased its flights and will be flying daily from New York to Guyana.

Prashad said that Delta regularly comes in with the Boeing 758, which accommodates about 190 passengers, but in the peak season the airline will be bringing in a bigger aircraft, the 767 that can accommodate about 240 persons.

He stated that he is very pleased with Delta Airlines, which provides an excellent service to Guyanese and will cater for the influx of visitors that will be arriving during this period.

Prashad dismissed rumours that Delta will be pulling out of Guyana, explaining that he recently met with the airline's officials and they were very pleased with the Georgetown- New York route and the facilities at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport.

Delta Sales Manager, Junior Horatio, who was also present, said that, since Delta entered the Guyana market in June 2008, it has given tremendous service to this route and because of the number of cities worldwide to which the airline flies, it gives the Guyanese consumers and travelling public every possibility to travel to any part of the world that they desire. He further stated that Delta's impact on the market has been nothing short of tremendous.

Meanwhile, Prashad said that he spoke to Ian Burns, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of RedJet recently and confirmed that the airline had been granted permission from Trinidad to fly to that country. He said it is now expected that RedJet will be flying from Barbados to Trinidad and from Trinidad to Georgetown, the latest by September since formalities have to be processed.

Prashad said he is predicting that once Redjet gets into the market, prices will be lowered.

Additionally, he said discussions with JetBlue are also in process.

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