Crenston Buffonge Speaking Against MCAP's Destruction of Piper's Pond & Gunn Hill


Release Date

Wednesday, November 13, 2019


The previous MCAP Administration caused massive environmental damage to Montserrat when they destroyed Piper's Pond and Gunn Hill. 

Piper's Pond was once deemed appropriate for rehabilitation under the Piper's Pond Rehabilitation Project that was proposed to run from April 1st, 2005 - March 31st, 2006. The objective of the project was as stated from the project brief:

The wider significance of that project was listed as being:

During the tenure of the MCAP Administration that was deposed 7-2 during the 2014 elections, they took to the removal of Gunn Hill and Piper's Pond, two areas considered crucial for environmental preservation in the North of the island. 

Also during the 2014 campaign, present MCAP Candidate Crenston Buffonge who once spoke powerfully and with passion against MCAP, had this to say about the destruction of Piper's Pond and Gunn Hill:

One of MCAP's prospective candidates prior to the 2019 elections campaign, who did not make the final selection - Veta Wade - champions a great and powerful environmental platform. Veta speaks to both the Green and Blue Economy. Veta was rejected by MCAP as a candidate for reasons being that they deemed she was "before her time" and that the environment was not a "vote winner" for MCAP. 

Can it be assessed therefore that MCAP truly does not care for Montserrat's environment and that their only concern is saying what needs to be said publicly for them to win votes?

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