Change Your Outlook on Life: Forward March With Jelani Daniel - Author and Certified Life Coach


Release Date

Friday, July 24, 2020


For Jelani Daniel, author and certified life coach, words are more than an afterthought. Used with purpose, they can reshape your life, revolutionize your thinking, and set the soul on a journey of fulfillment and renewal.

As founder of the Forward March movement, Daniel has committed his life to helping people renew their passion for living and create the future they’ve always dreamed of. Forward March is a way of life, an unquenchable drive to succeed, a mantra for elevating all aspects of your life. It’s a movement built through decades of experience in bringing good into the world, and the drive to see each person realize their true potential. It’s the message that Daniel has made his life. 

The Forward March movement can be seen in Daniel’s books Forward March and King of Quotes, which aim to inspire readers through daily quotes about life, love, expression, free-thinking, and more. Heralded as the “King of Quotes”, Daniel knows how to inspire; his words read like poetry, sourced from the live-changing ethos of the Forward March movement. Daniel knows it’s not a matter of whether his words will inspire, but how they will- the power is in the words, and it’s up to readers to interpret how to harness them.

Life is about the journey, and the tools to shape your future lay within reach. Now is the time to take control, set the path to your goals, and better yourself, day by day, until you have surpassed all you ever thought was possible. There will never be another today. Now is the time to make a change.

As Jelani Daniel, King of Quotes, says: yesterday owes you nothing, but today owes you everything. 

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