Champion Drops and the World Listens. Exco Levi"s Message of Hope


Stephen Weir

Release Date

Friday, April 10, 2020


It was the wind that brought Reggae singer Exco Levi a powerful message crying out to be made into a song. Two and half years later that message finally dropped, Champion has arrived!

Five-time Juno award winner and long-time Canadian reggae star Exco Levi released his new single Champion to a global audience last Friday, and this song of hope already has begun to find a following.

“ You know I let my songs come to me. Sometimes it takes a little time, but, with what is going on in the world right now it has been worth the wait,” Levi told the Caribbean Camera yesterday. “ I sing about Drizzy and Usain Bolt, and others, but they are just a fraction of the vast glorious people who are all around us.  When I sing about being a champion, it is not just about sports or music. You can be a Champion in anything you do.  I say be a champion for Faith.”

Levi sees his song as a siren call to the global village for victory, in the face of adversity. With positivity at the core, Champion delivers uplifting messages wrapped in vibrant and melodic sounds of hope and solidarity and is a refreshed sound for the reggae veteran.

“Whenever this thing ends (pandemic) I am going to take that message to the world,” Levi continued. “ This is a new sound for me, it is quicker, more international. Champion fits right into Soca and other styles, while still staying authentic to my roots.”

To let people appreciate the message of Champion the singer has posted a video on YouTube with the lyrics appearing overtop of the song. The link to the lyric video: 

Exco Levi’s songs have been receiving major airplay by local and overseas DJs for many years. Levi was an Inductee for the City of Brampton Arts Walk of Fame in 2016, Harry Jerome Trailblazer of the Year award winner (2019) and was just nominated for another Reggae Juno Award.

The 2020 Juno Awards were to be held in Saskatoon last month but were cancelled at the last minute because of the virus lockdown. It is just the second time in the 49-year history of the Junos that a ceremony has not been held, and organizers are still trying to decide how to announce the winners and honour the nominees.

“ I haven’t heard anything yet from the Junos,” explained Levi. “So much has changed in just three weeks, I don’t even think about it.”

The 49-year performer is currently hunkering down in Brampton, and following the pandemic rules.  “My three children are in Toronto so I am getting out to be with them. I encourage them to stay safe, do their school work and be a Champion!”

Champion is released on the Jones & Jones Music label and can be purchased on all platforms.   He has also launched a new website in support of the song

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