Ceremonial Ribbon Cutting To Celebrate Simon’s Rock In Montserrat Field Station

Simon's Rock Montserrat

Simon’s Rock in Montserrat Educational Foundation

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Tuesday, April 23, 2024


The Simon’s Rock in Montserrat Educational Foundation Inc. announces the ceremonial ribbon cutting to celebrate the Simon’s Rock in Montserrat Field Station. This event marks 13 years of partnership between Bard’s College at Simon’s Rock and the people of Montserrat. Over the period, the institution has facilitated service-learning trips bringing 71 students to the island to conduct research in environmental science, ecology, biology and cultural studies. The primary partners have been the Montserrat National Trust, Montserrat Volcano Observatory and the Department of the Environment.

The event will take place at the refurbished facility in Old Town, the former Belham Valley Restaurant on May 6th. The event symbolizes the culmination of the institution's dedication, collaboration and innovation as it prepares to embark on its next phase of partnership to shape future leaders through experiential learning.

The Simon’s Rock Field Station will serve as the home for Simon’s Rock in Montserrat and a cadre of colleges and universities interested in conducting Service-Learning trips on the island. A field station is a multipurpose facility that enables a variety of academic interests and research targets like ecology, biology, chemistry, geology, art, literature, music, poetry and engineering. At the end of phase I, the facility will house 15-18 students, a cafeteria, laundry services and a teaching lab. 

“We are thrilled to open the doors to our students, faculty, partners and the people of Montserrat. We are dedicated to creating further strategic partnerships to create mutually beneficial opportunities for education, research and policy development.” Dr Thomas Coote, Programme Director.

The facility is tentatively booked for 7/12 months in 2025 and we look forward to more opportunities to engage with local partners who may see the value of a cost-effective option for group reservations.

Over the next few months, management will reach out to varying stakeholders to tour the site to consider possibilities of local partnership. This includes uniformed bodies, sports associations, community action groups and

For more information about the field station, the managing non-profit or Bard College at Simon’s Rock, please contact Lyston Skerritt, Chairman of the Simon’s Rock in Montserrat Educational Foundation Inc.


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