Canadian Cybersecurity Network Partners With Protexxa To Strengthen Cyber Talent Pipeline

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Thursday, November 17, 2022


Canadian Cybersecurity Network and Protexxa have partnered to raise cybersecurity awareness and grow the talent pipeline in Canada.

Protexxa will host and participate in events extended to the Canadian Cybersecurity Network, which has grown to 15,000 members. The collaboration will seek out opportunities to engage more people from less traditional segments, such as individuals from rural and underrepresented communities, youth, and those in related industries considering mid-career pivots.

Protexxa specializes in training and cyber consulting services offering a unique SaaS cybersecurity platform that leverages Artificial Intelligence to rapidly identify, evaluate, predict, and resolve cyber issues. The Canadian Cybersecurity Network is Canada’s largest, most inclusive network of cybersecurity professionals, providing an engaging, empowering, and inclusive environment for cybersecurity talent and businesses.

“Canada has 25,000 unfilled cybersecurity jobs, while cybercrime grows at an alarming pace worldwide,” says Network founder Francois Guay.

“This partnership will focus on engaging, upskilling, and hiring for the cybersecurity industry,” says Claudette McGowan, CEO of Protexxa.

One of the key foundation blocks of the Canadian Cybersecurity Network is to support the growth and success of Canadian companies. Small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) are the lifeblood of the economy. These companies rarely have the resources to attract, retain and compensate top talent from Canada’s front line to deal with existing and new cyber threats. The Canadian Cybersecurity Network will soon be rolling out an SMB package to help.

“We are so excited to not only get an amazing sponsor like Protexxa but to also be in a position to work together to help businesses strengthen their cyber posture through awareness, education, and talent,” says Guay of the Network.

McGowan shared that, “over 40 per cent of Canadians experienced a cybersecurity incident at the start of the pandemic. We are thrilled to partner with the Canadian Cybersecurity Network in helping Canadian companies and citizens improve their cyber hygiene. The key to success will be enhancing collaboration between businesses, consumers, and government”

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