Canadian Companies Kanai Group and Robinson Kingsley Collaborate Across Areas of Citizenship by Investment, Diaspora Property Development and Canada Real Estate Investments

Collaboration with Kanai Group and Robinson Kingsley Investment Strategies Inc

Kanai / RKI

Release Date

Monday, February 28, 2022


Mississauga, ON, February 28, 2022 — Canadian companies, The Kanai Group (Kanai) and Robinson Kingsley Investment Strategies Inc (RKI) have recently formed a partnership to work collaboratively offering services to clients both in Canada and Internationally across the areas of:

  1. International Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programmes
  2. Africa/Diaspora Property Development
  3. Canadian Real Estate Investments

The partnership which will be known as RKI – Kanai, will serve as a solutions focused operation that will act firstly as Agents based in Canada to market, promote, and bring onboard clientele for Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programmes within international locations. The locations RKI - Kanai’s CBI services will focus on namely, will be Latin America and the Caribbean region; Eastern Europe and other select locations as per clients’ interests.

The agility of RKI - Kanai’s CBI service is that it will provide clients with the credibility and reliability of being operated from within Canada. Also, RKI - Kanai will be working with clients from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Asian sub-continent, North America, Africa and other areas of the world. 

The Africa/Diaspora Property Development Service is another aspect of RKI – Kanai’s partnership. This programme will be is focused on servicing the African Diaspora Returning Nationals Investment community.

According to RKI – Kanai, this service will be for that section of the market of returning Diaspora Residents to parts of Africa, who acquire land, or who would have purchased already existing properties but wish to have building designs and finishing quality being what they have grown accustomed to within North America and Europe.

RKI - Kanai will provide this services in this area to include: 

  1. Land Purchase
  2. Property Purchase
  3. Property Build / Construction Project Management
    d) Construction Quality Standards Training
  4. Resettlement Support

RKI – Kanai’s third area of collaboration will be in the establishment of a Canadian-based Real Estate Investment Club. 

According to RKI – Kanai, the objective of this Club will be to pool financial resources, along with the expertise of RKI - Kanai to identify property investment opportunities both within Canada and the United Arab Amirates (UAE)

CEO of the Kanai Group of Companies, Khalid Mughal, in speaking about the signing of the RKI – Kanai collaborative agreement stated, “Our team at KANAI Group of Companies felt an instant synergy at our first meeting with Jeevan and his team at Robinson Kingsley Investment Strategies. After multiple discussions and forward-thinking meetings, we at KANAI saw the enormous potential of collaborating with RKI. We at KANAI, are honored and pleased to enter into this collaboration agreement with RKI. Our agreement establishes a mutually beneficial path that aligns our companies’ visions of providing a service of excellence to both our local and international clientele.”

Jeevan A. Robinson, CEO of Robinson Kingsley Investment Strategies said; "After several months of discussing and fine-tuning our original idea to collaborate, RKI is pleased to have signed this agreement with The Kanai Group of Companies to provide key services aimed at bringing value, ethical representation and sustainable opportunities to our prospective clients. RKI is very excited to be embarking upon this journey with the Kanai Group, a company with many years of experience across our areas of collaboration. We also look forward to working with our key Associates across our various areas of service offerings as we move along.”

RKI- Kanai have begun key conversations with various businesses and organisations within the three areas of operations that their new partnership will focus on, so as to maximise delivery for clients who come onboard to access their range of services.

About Robinson Kingsley 
Robinson Kingsley Investment Strategies Inc (RKI) is an independently registered company in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. RKI is dedicated to providing its clients with reliable and sustainable services via opportunity assessment; facilitation; solutions delivery and promotion.

About The Kanai Group
The Kanai Group is comprised of Kanai Capital, Kanai Cross Border and Kanai DevCon. The company is operated by a seasoned management team with over 20 years experience in real estate investments and a long track record of producing exceptional results in Real Estate Investing with a reputation for building long-term relationships. Kanai are experts at real estate acquisition and development. Kanai Cross Border provides advice and consultancy to help and advise entrepreneurs and individuals seeking opportunities in Canada on issues ranging from business expansion, business creation, job opportunities and real estate investments. Through their global partnerships and connections, they have become a gateway for Canadian companies who want to expand their business globally.

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