Call For Nominations For Consideration For Antigua & Barbuda National Honours, 2015

Call For Nominations For Consideration For Antigua & Barbuda National Honours, 2015

Honours Committee

Release Date

Saturday, September 19, 2015


Members of the general public are invited to submit nominations of suitably qualified persons to be considered by the Honours Committee in 2015 for conferral of one of two societies of honour, which are further divided into grades and described in the National Honours Act as:

(i)The Most Illustrious Order of Merit;

(ii)The Most Precious Order of Princely Heritage.

The criteria for selection, which came into effect in 2013 are presented below:

The candidate being nominated should be:


a.The nominee should be 50 years of age or older


The nominee having met the age requirement in No 1, should also meet one or more of the following:

a.Should have demonstrated distinguished service, above and beyond the call of duty in his or her field of employment/career.

b.Should be a model or good citizen with proven character, lifestyle, work ethics and a habit of using his/her own resources to the benefit of others,

c.Should have given meritorious service in the field of heritage and cultural endeavours for consideration to be a member of the Most Precious Order of Princely Heritage, or meritorious service in any other field to be considered to be a member of the Most Illustrious Order of Merit.

d.Should have demonstrated the ability, over a sustained period of time, to work in the interest of and to give selflessly to others without a demand for personal or monetary reward.


Regarding the guidelines governing the process of nominations and their consideration, the following should be noted:

a.Previous entries which have been submitted without a positive response may be re-submitted for consideration. Once received, nominations are considered for a period of three (3) consecutive years before being retired. This does not prevent the re-submission of the nomination of said individual after that period has passed.

Nominations must be submitted on the form entitled, 'Nomination for a National Honour of Antigua and Barbuda' providing as much detail as possible as to the work, projects or service rendered by the individual.

c.Tangible evidence such as photos, statistics, recommendation letters, videos or other relevant material may be provided with the nomination.

d.Self – nominations will not be considered.

e.All nominations should be addressed to the:


Honours Committee
Government House
Independence Drive
St. John’s

The nominator(s) should provide the following personal information:

-Full Name

-Physical Address

-Email Address

-Telephone No

Please specify the contact information for the key person who should be reached should further information be required.

f.The final date for nominations for consideration for the 2015 Independence celebrations is September 25, 2015. Submissions should be delivered to the Office of the Governor General during working hours.

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