British National, Michael Hudson, May Be Key In Assisting With FlyMontserrat Crash Investigation

fly montserrat crash

Jeevan Robinson

Release Date

Saturday, October 13, 2012


What Michael Hudson remembers may be instrumental in assisting with the investigation into the FlyMontserrat Flight 107 crash at the VC Bird International Airport, last Sunday, just after 4:00PM. Michael is the sole survivor from the crash.

Mr Hudson, who is a 23 year old British national, was rushed in a reportedly unconscious state to the Mount St John's Medical Centre in Antigua where he received emergency surgery for the injuries he sustained from the crash.

According to reports reaching MNI Alive, Mr Hudson is now recovering and may be instrumental in providing further information in the ongoing investigation to determine the full cause of the FlyMontserrat Flight 107 crash.

His injuries from the crash involved a broken right leg below his knee, towards which he received a titanium rod implant during surgery. He also received multiple lacerations and bruises and a bloodshot eye. His right arm is also reportedly in a cast.

Michael's Dad rushed to his son's side from the UK, once news of the crash reached their family. Arrangements are being made to fly Michael back to the United Kingdom.

The preliminary report on the potential cause of Flight 107's crash has been released and suggestions from the report written by investigators from East Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority is that the aircraft's number 2 engine failed during takeoff. The report states, "Examination of the wreckage indicates that the number two (right-hand) engine was not producing power at the time of impact, and investigation of the fuel system feeding that engine found significant quantities of water."

The East Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority investigators are being assisted by two members of the UK's Air Accidents Investigation Branch.

Eyewitness accounts that have been reported by various media sources seem to fall in line with the investigator's initial assessment, in that some persons on the ground stated that they heard an engine of FlyMontserrat's Flight 107 cut out whilst in flight. Further eyewitness accounts also suggested that it appeared as if Flight 107 was attempting to turn back just before it fatally crashed.

Other passengers who died from the crash include the pilot, Jason Forbes, 29-year-old Jamaican teacher Annya Duncan and 57 year old Sandrama Poligadu of Guyana.

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