Big News! The Deuce AM Amateur Golf Tour is Back

Deauce AM Tour flyer 2022

Deuce Am Tour

Release Date

Monday, July 25, 2022


THE NEXT LEVEL OF GOLF AMATEUR TOURS. We’re Changing the Amateur Golf Tour Industry for competitive golfers who love to battle and roll that pill against other golfers at all handicap levels. No more Corny Amateur Tours because the Deuce Am Tour is for the Cool Kids of Golf!

Thank you to our National Partners Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey, PXG, Troon and NBC Sports Next/GolfPass for helping to make this happen! WHO ELSE WANTS IN?

The Deuce Am Tour is simply the answer for what many amateurs have been asking for in competitive golf. The game is changing and amateurs should be changing with that new shift in the sport.

The Deuce Am Tour is that Change we’ve all been waiting for! Our Am Tour will encourage a unique and different experience that is very competitive, however very much about a VIBE! Money Games, Pairing Parties, PXG Giveaways, Cigars, Premium Whiskey, Flashy Clothes, Music, Good Looking People, and so much more will contribute to the atmosphere at our tournaments.

11 Destinations in 11 Months throughout the US and Dominican Republic starting in September. Los Angeles, DMV, Dallas, Vegas, Phoenix, South Florida, Orlando, ChiTown, Atlanta, and NY/NJ. Yessir!

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