Beneath the Surface: Anguilla's Most Fascinating Caves to Explore

Anguilla caves

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Friday, October 27, 2023


Fancy yourself a spelunker? Imagine yourself on the stunning Caribbean island of Anguilla, where pure white sands, beaches and crystal-clear waters await. But here's the twist: there are mysteries within its secret, captivating caves, just waiting to be discovered! Offering something a little different from a traditional day on the beach, a little bit of caving may be just the experience you need to make your vacation truly unforgettable.

Packed your hiking boots? Anguilla boasts a wealth of caves scattered all over the island, and we're delighted to share with you the best (and most accessible) three you’ll want to add to your spelunking itinerary. 

Anguilla Arch: While not actually a cave (yes, we’re cheating a bit), a visit to the Anguilla Arch is an experience straight out of a blockbuster movie or a picture-perfect postcard. While some may overlook this marvel, it's a true geological masterpiece that demands your attention. Composed of enchanting yellow and red limestone, it embodies the word "picturesque." You can take in this natural phenomenon from numerous surrounding cliffs or witness its beauty from the shore below. Each perspective is worth the short jaunt up or down the cliffside!

The Cavannagh Cave: Located within Katouche Bay, Cavannagh Cave promises a captivating adventure just waiting for you. Organized by Katouche Tours, this extraordinary cavern boasts naturally occurring balsam bush, historically used by Anguillian women as nail polish. Embark on a short hike through a tropical landscape with a knowledgeable tour guide to witness this natural wonder firsthand. Amidst lush greenery at every turn, seize every moment to explore the cave's depths, creating wondrous memories.

Goat Cave: It has been said that the vantage point that Goat Caves gives visitors is incomparable. Although it is an expert level hike to get there and requires that one navigates through rocky terrain, the end destination will make it all worth it. The limestone formations, natural sunroofs and plunge pools make this particular cave a spectacular one to include on your exploration of Anguilla caves.

Anguilla invites you to discover the island from a new perspective. These hidden wonders offer thrilling adventures and the chance to uncover the unknown of the Anguillian underground world. Your voyage into the heart of Anguilla's caves is just the beginning of an unforgettable experience. To discover more about these fascinating caves, go to

Kindly, we ask you to close your eyes and let your mind wander to a place of pure paradise. Imagine lovely clear blue waters and golden sands as the soothing sound of gentle waves massages your ears. Now, open your eyes to your living room or office and accept our apologies for that tantalizing glimpse. We’ll make it up to you: we’ll tell you exactly where this vacation daydream becomes a reality.

Shoal Bay, located on the east end of the beautiful Caribbean island of Anguilla, offers a diverse experience catering to your every taste and desire. From its immaculate beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see to vibrant nightlife and various eateries that will make your taste buds fall in love, Shoal Bay pledges a unique and fulfilling holiday for all.

What, specifically, makes Shoal Bay so grand? No need to Google, read on below:

The Beach, Of Course!: Regarded as one of the most exquisite islands in the Caribbean or even the world, Shoal Bay Beach is nothing but clear-blue reflective waters and bright white sands in every direction. A popular spot for lounging and snorkelling, it’s the perfect choice for visitors of all inclinations. 

Malakh Day Spa: It’s easy to keep the good vibes going when you leave the beach and head over to Malakh Day Spa. This unique Anguillan Spa on the Beach offers manicures, pedicures, facials, and body treatments. From beachside aromatherapy massages to mani-pedis, Malakh provides a deeply restorative experience.

Madeariman Restaurant: This 15-year-old establishment, right on the beach at Shoal Bay, has stunning food to match its stunning location. With a French chef at the helm, this chic spot serves up everything from fish burgers and grouper filets to pan-fried duck liver. 

Olas Tacos Bar and Grill: Not far from Madeariman, you’ll find this popular beach shack that is making a name for itself across the island for its tasty beach tacos. Owner Eulandy’s cocktails contend for some of the best in the region, never mind the island, while the Mexican-inspired fare is perfect for a breezy day on the beach and served in shareable portions.

Elodias Beach Restaurant and Bar: Located next to Malakh Day Spa, catch Elodias, nestled between palm trees and the ocean. This delicious spot is immaculate for both eating and chit-chat. With its kind, friendly faces and award-winning rum punch, you will be begging for seconds. You will not be disappointed, from cheeseburgers to mahi mahi sandwiches and familiar comfort favourites like yummy hot dogs with fries. 

Shoal Bay has beauty, excursions, and amenities in spades. Make time to visit this standout locale on your next vacation to idyllic Anguilla. You can start planning at

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