Autopsy Ordered to Determine Cause of Death for British Rapper Dean West also known as "Black The Ripper"



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Tuesday, April 7, 2020


An autopsy is to be conducted on the body of British rapper Dean West also known as ‘Black The Ripper’.

The Royal Montserrat Police Service (RMPS) announced this today in a statement which also confirmed that the well-known UK rapper who arrived on Montserrat on February 25, 2020, died while holidaying here.

The Commissioner of Police, Steve Foster said on Monday April 6, 2020 at about 12:43p.m. members of the RMPS and Montserrat Fire & Rescue Services received, and responded to a report of a sudden death at the holiday home of Dean West in St. Johns, Montserrat. On arrival West’s body was found lying motionless. He was pronounced dead at the scene by a certified medical practitioner. Crime Scene Examiners of the Royal Montserrat Police Service carried out a full examination of the scene and will provide their report to the Office of the Commissioner.

The Commissioner further noted that his cause of death is not known. “At present the circumstances of his death is unknown, as a result the coroner (Chief Magistrate) has order a Post Mortem Examination to be conducted on the body of the deceased to determine the cause of death. However, I am unable to say and or give a date at this time of when the autopsy examination will be completed,” stated Steve Foster.

The Police has launched a full investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of Dean West ‘Black the Ripper’ and cannot disclose any further information on this case at this time.

Family members of the deceased were informed of his passing.

This investigation is ongoing and the press will be updated further as additional information becomes available.

The Office of the Commissioner extends sympathies to his family as they grieve the loss of their love one. May their hearts be comforted and his soul rest in eternal peace.

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