Apply Now: New Canadian Journalism Foundation Black Journalism Fellowship Program

Apply Now: New Canadian Journalism Foundation Black Journalism Fellowship Program

Apply Now: New Canadian Journalism Foundation Black Journalism Fellowship Program

Release Date

Tuesday, January 19, 2021


To amplify Black voices, improve coverage of Black issues in the news and cultivate future Black media leaders, The Canadian Journalism Foundation is launching a new Black Journalism Fellowship program, with CBC/Radio-Canada and CTV News as its first partners and Lululemon, BMO Financial Group and Aritzia as the founding sponsors.

The CJF-CBC/Radio-Canada Black Journalism Fellowship, CJF-CBC/Radio-Canada Black Women’s Journalism Fellowship and CJF-CTV News Black Journalism Fellowship will each provide a unique opportunity for an early-career Black journalist—with one-to-five years’ experience—to be hosted for six months at a CBC/Radio-Canada (English and French) or CTV News newsroom across the country. The three fellows will receive mentoring and training for a variety of skills, including video and audio editing, writing, research and investigative reporting.

"We are honoured to launch these new fellowships in partnership with CBC/Radio-Canada and CTV News to develop emerging talent and make space for more Black stories in Canada’s major media,” said Natalie Turvey, CJF President and Executive Director.

“Who tells the story matters. This fellowship program will expand the range of voices and experiences that Canadians watch, hear and read from Canada’s diverse communities. This opportunity highlights the CJF’s support for the development of a generation of Black media leaders and content creators across the industry. These opportunities would not be possible without the generous support of our founding sponsors.”

“All institutions, including CBC/Radio-Canada, have been called upon to do more to address systematic racism and discrimination internally, and to truly reflect the populations we serve,” said Matt Galloway, Host of The Current on CBC Radio One, and a CJF Board Member. “Time's up. Let's get to work. I'm excited to hear the stories the recipients of these fellowships tell us.”

Each fellow will receive a full-time stipend and write or produce an article/piece during their fellowship opportunity, which will be considered for publication/broadcast by CBC/Radio-Canada and CTV News.

“Bell Media is very proud for CTV News to be a founding partner of the Black Journalism Fellowship program,” said Randy Lennox, President of Bell Media. “Through this expansion of our ongoing partnership with the Canadian Journalism Foundation, this program will bring broader perspectives to our teams, improve our coverage of telling significant stories, and help pave the way for a more diverse group of future leaders in Canadian journalism.”

“We’re honoured to be spearheading this initiative with the Canadian Journalism Foundation,” said Catherine Tait, President and CEO of CBC/Radio-Canada. “Offering these fellowships for English- and French-speaking Black journalists across the country is another way we ensure that Black Canadians see and hear themselves — their experiences and their perspectives — reflected in our content and in our workforce. This is how we serve Canadians.”

The award is modelled on the successful CJF-CBC Indigenous Journalism Fellowships program that has helped foster the careers of 11 Indigenous journalists since 2014.

Going forward, the CJF plans to expand its Black Journalism Fellowship program with other major media outlets across the country.

Applications will be accepted beginning January 18, 2021.

Fellows are typically recognized at the annual CJF Awards, held in June in Toronto.

Thanks to the generous support of founding sponsors:
- Lululemon for the CJF-CBC/Radio-Canada Black Journalism Fellowship;
- Aritzia for the CJF-CBC/Radio-Canada Black Women’s Journalism Fellowship; and
- BMO Financial Group for the CJF-CTV News Black Journalism Fellowship.


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