Antigua Crowns Bear Lord of All He Surveys

Keithroy Bear Morson

Jeevan Robinson

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Congratulations to Keithroy "'Bear' Morson, on capturing the Calypso Monarch Crown in Antigua's 2011 Carnival celebrations. Bear's victory makes this the third time he has won the Calypso Monarch title in Antigua, with this being his first consecutive triumph.

Bear's victory was secured with the crowd-pleasing renditions of his two songs, "'Melee for sale' and "'We get di change Ivena'

Having received news of Bear's victory, I was most pleased. He is someone I know personally and he is also a fellow countryman. Bear is a Montserratian living in Antigua, having migrated to the neighbouring Caribbean island back in the nineties. His decision to enter the tough battleground of Antigua's Calypso Monarch competition may have been thought to be madness by some at the time but his vindication has no doubt been received with his third victory in what is nothing short of a fierce turf.

Bear's victory for me goes beyond the stage and beyond Antigua's Carnival festivities. What he has accomplished as a non-national in Antigua is a phenomenal achievement and speaks volumes about the tenacity and talent of the man. Bear's success in my view, is the pursuit of excellence beyond the mediocre. I believe firmly that talent, hard work and commitment to your craft will eventually breed success and seeing individuals realise success through hard work, is always a thrilling thing to behold. Plus, I further believe that whatever it is that you choose to make your profession or passion in life, then it is crucial to do what is required to make sure you are damn good at it. Bear chose Calypso and seemingly Calypso chose him, as he is no doubt, damn good at it! It is this commitment to excellence and being the best, that has borne Bear the success that befalls him today. His success is not just financial but the success comes more from the joy of achievement that will last long after the financial reward is exhausted.

Prior to winning the Calypso competition in Antigua, Bear was a favourite Calypsonian in Montserrat, where he won the crown twice in 1992 and again in 1993, amid competition from some very seasoned competitors. His talent was assured. His lyrics were timely and edgy and his delivery was the most superb. It is these skills that he took with him to Antigua when he migrated there and they have served him well to achieve victory in a country that does not easily relinquish its Calypso monarch crown to an outsider.

Bear's third victory sends a message that despite his non-national status in Antigua, a fellow Caricom brother was given his regard and fairly awarded victory even though general consensus would have said, "no way, a foreigner can win here!"'

But did Antigua not announce last week that they were not yet ready for the free movement of people and labour from within the OECS grouping?

This is Bear's moment and MNI Alive along with many others join in congratulating him on a victory well deserved. Success is sometimes moulded over time and I am almost certain that this victory for Bear is as gratifying the third time around, as like it was his first. Well done!

Photo Credits to Government of Antigua

Jeevan Robinson is Editor-in-Chief at MNI Alive. He can be reached at

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