Antigua & Barbuda’s “Smoothie King” Serves Up Delicious and Healthy Drinks From His Own Palace

Fruits on display

Jesson & Co / MNI Alive

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Wednesday, October 26, 2022


While Antigua & Barbuda may already enjoy an international reputation for its beaches, nature, and classic Caribbean vibe, its local “Smoothie King” is doing his part to put the dual-island destination in the running for the title of world’s tastiest smoothies. 

Before he ascended to the crown, St. John’s local Eddie Steele employed his talents as a mixologist to fix up drinks of a very different variety. It was only after a regular came to him for help with stomach problems that Eddie took the leap into wellness, coming up with a lemon and watermelon mixture that worked like a charm. 

In fact, Eddie’s concoction worked a little too well - the regular returned and ordered the same drink each day, craving both the fresh taste and the burst of energy it provided. Inspired, Eddie decided to make a change and pair his passion for wellness with his considerable pedigree in mixology. On the corner of Market Street and St. Mary’s in the Antiguan capital of St. John’s, the Smoothie Palace was born. 

It may not be a literal palace, but from his busy stall, Eddie treats his customers like royalty. Lineups of locals and visitors alike form regularly and snake around the street. The secret to the Smoothie Palace’s success? A vegetarian-based philosophy that uses only the freshest fruits and avoids harmful additives. Eddie’s profoundly refreshing drinks are sure to cure your hunger and thirst…and probably whatever else is ailing you as well!

Add a stop at the Smoothie Palace to your next Antigua and Barbuda itinerary and taste the mixing magic of Eddie Steele for yourself. Click here for more information. 

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