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Ivan Boytsov

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Monday, November 27, 2023


Choosing a PayID Payment Gateway for SMEs in Australia: A Comparison of Finmo, Rapyd, HitPay, Asia Pay and Global Payments

For most online businesses in Australia, the ability to charge users virtually and without physical interactions is a priority. PayID gives a good chance to all SMEs and company owners to solve this question once and for all.

There are numerous reasons small enterprises prefer to sell their services/products over the Internet instead of in person. The most common one is the opportunity to save on the costs of handling a physical shop and the ability to minimize the interest rate effects that continue rising in Australia.

On top of this, you can also take good advantage of the digital infrastructure to advance your venture and then, with the help of popular card machines, slowly expand it into a real-world location.

But to be able to achieve it, at the beginning, you will need to optimize online payments. One of the efficient ways to make this objective true is to find the best PayID payment gateways with a proven record in the Australian market.

Below, we will explore the top payment gateways cooperating with PayID and discover the ins and outs of this payment provider.

Top 4 PayID Payment Gateways in Australia

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Whether you are going to open a new business, bring your company to the Australian market, or simply want to find the most reliable payment gateways, the top picks we gathered below will help you find a suitable option. Let's have a look!

#1 Finmo

This full-pack payment gateway primarily specializes in small businesses and enterprises in Australia. It has been in the market since 2021 and allows PayID integrations with nearly all well-known e-commerce platforms. In addition, it provides some pretty reasonable pricing models for you to pick from.

You simply need to contact the sales team to determine the perfect pricing plan to meet your needs. The only downside of Finmo is the absence of POS and invoicing or recurring software.

#2 Rapyd

After coming to light in 2016, Rapyd instantly became another well-recognized payment gateway working with PayID. Similar to Finmo, it also puts its main focus on small enterprises and offers PayID integrations with dominant e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce.

What's notable about this option is that now the company processes more than $10 billion in yearly transaction amounts.

#3 HitPay

The following option, HitPay, is another popular payment gateway worth taking into consideration. It is an all-inclusive platform with practical features and rational pricing specifically designed for Australian SMEs.

HitPay services cover e-commerce plugins, PayID integrations with POS systems, recurring billing software, SaaS applications, payment links, and invoicing software. Moreover, Xero users can also take advantage of the no-code integration offered by HitPay.

#4 Asia Pay

Headquartered in Hong Kong, this payment gateway provides multi-currency payment services for enterprises and banks in Australia and beyond.

PayDollar, the payment gateway of AsiaPay, apart from PayID acceptance, also offers card payments. However, there is a slight drawback when it comes to Asia Pay - it doesn't feature no-code payment integrations either for offline or online sales channels.

#5 Global Payments

If you are after a customizable and flexible payment solution, you can look at Global Payments. It is a well-recognized payment gateway that lets you pick from PayID or other card payment integrations.

Here, the featured payment methods are all-round and allow you to integrate their services with a variety of business software and systems.

However, like the previous option, Global Payments doesn't offer no-code payment integrations as well.

Summing Up


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Above, we gathered the best options you can consider when making a choice regarding the most reliable PayID payment gateways. They are perfect for SMEs and online and require zero coding and technical experience.

So, examine all options carefully, weigh all their perks and drawbacks, and select the one mirroring your needs and requirements.

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