Agreement Signed To Introduce Electronic Medical Records Within Montserrat’s Hospital and Health Centres

Ms Teisha St. Juste, Clerical Officer, and Ms Shenlia Fenton, Clerical Officer

Release Date

Wednesday, June 8, 2022


The Government of Montserrat (GOM) has signed a licence agreement contracting Canadian Health Systems Inc (CHS) to introduce a World-Class, 'One Patient—One Chart', modern, efficient, and sustainable electronic medical records (EMR) system.

The Ministry of Health said the introduction of this new technology will have a positive impact on the wellbeing of the people of Montserrat, whilst making it easier for our citizens and our staff to manage their health.

In real terms, this will enable the digitisation of existing medical records, and create a new digital interface and records system for patient information across primary and secondary care facilities. Healthcare staff will be able to view and update patient records in real time, and the system will provide a new central data hub to inform future service planning and delivery, and health interventions.  In time, citizens will be able access their own records and make appointments using a patient portal function. This is a key enabler to the modernisation agenda surrounding the new national hospital project.

CHS will work closely with the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS), the Programme Management Office (PMO) in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management, as well as the Department of Information Technology & E-Government Services (DITES), over the next two years. CHS will customise and implement the new EMR system for use by health staff who operate in the hospital, the health centres, the prison, and patient homes.

The Ministry further explained that once the CHS system has been fully tailored and implemented, a comprehensive process of training and support will be rolled out to ensure that health staff are confident in using the new system across all health settings on the Island.

The implementation of this system is one component of the broader healthcare service transformation programme. This initiative is supported by funding through the Government of Montserrat’s Small Capital Asset Fund.

Permanent Secretary Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS), Mrs. Camille Thomas Gerald, stated, “This comprehensive new electronic medical records system will facilitate accurate and efficient patient and hospital information, as well as informing Health and Wellbeing Strategies for the Island. We in MoHSS believe the benefits of implementing this new system for our public and our service make it a worthwhile investment in terms of cost and time.”

The Head of the Programme Management Office (PMO), Mr. Martin Parlett explained, “Much time and energy has gone into identifying a fit for purpose electronic medical records system that suits the needs of Montserrat, its services, and its people. The introduction of the new fibre optic internet connectivity solution across the island – as well as the planned construction of the new national hospital – makes this the ideal time to be introducing this progressive technology solution.”

Hayley Kash, VP of Operations for CHS stated “We in CHS are very enthusiastic to be working with the Government of Montserrat to use our knowledge and experience in developing and implementing electronic information systems for health services. We believe that our comprehensive EMR solution will bring many benefits to the health service and the health service users in Montserrat including delivery of a ‘One Patient—One Chart' operating all of health facilities; connected in real-time to health information, records and systems.”

“Our granular understanding of how doctors, nurses and allied health professionals, and support staff work and interact with each other within health systems is second to none internationally. Our system will generate reporting and research tools that will reduce governance costs and improve management decision-making. CHS will apply our learning from introducing our systems into similar health environments e.g. Digitizing and Connecting the Country of Grenada's Entire Health System,” expressed Hayley Kash.

The implementing agencies from the Government of Montserrat are the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS) and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management, Project Management Office.

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