Afro-Dancehall Artiste SKORPIO follows up “REV UP” with Afro-Beats single “SHOT SHOT SHOT!”

Cover of SHOT SHOT SHOT by afro-dancehall artiste SKORPIO

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Monday, June 12, 2023


Afro-Dancehall artiste SKORPIO has been on a roll since his debut on the music scene in April 2023! His first single “REV UP” gave music lovers a taste of what he is about. With catchy, sexy, adult-themed lyrics, SKORPIO announced his presence with a bang!

The response to “REV UP’ has been phenomenal for the artiste! SKORPIO followed up with the music video for the track, that showed him with three beautiful ladies, vibing and enjoying the smooth energy flowing from each other’s company, as SKORPIO swooned his debut track for the ladies.

“REV UP” was produced by Coreblaqbeats. Mix and Mastered/Engineered by Lilmannagram & Aymixbeats. 

SKORPIO is a Canadian-born artiste with roots in the Caribbean islands of Jamaica and Montserrat. The foundation of his island heritage plays a huge role in his music. His style though, is also influenced by the many international sounds that SKORPIO enjoys listening to. Afro-beats has been an exciting genre for SKORPIO, hence why he describes himself as an Afro-Dancehall artiste and not only a reggae or dancehall artiste.

SKORPIO’s love of Afro-beats is expressed in his second single “SHOT SHOT SHOT!”, released on May 19th, through Prime Music Partners, Africa’s largest Afro-beats distribution label.

LOUD in Africa features SKORPIO on their playlist

“SHOT SHOT SHOT!” is a definite summer 2023 anthem that SKORPIO wrote himself, whilst working with one of the best producers in the business. 

SHOT SHOT SHOT! features sex-appeal and class! The track was created for the thrill and enjoyment of the ladies, as they listen to a man sharing his innermost thoughts on their emotional connection and physical intimacy. With easy-to-follow lyrics, “SHOT SHOT SHOT!” is a singalong for both the gents and the females. Beyond that, it is music to make audiences the world over dance!

Producers Aymix Beats worked on this track.

Cover art for SHOT SHOT SHOT

REV UP” and “SHOT SHOT SHOT!” showcase why SKORPIO embarked upon this musical journey – to make people the world over dance!  His primary aim is to bring back the fun; the vibes and the energy into dancehall music - a critical element of the genre that he observes is being gradually lost.

SKORPIO has spent some years living in Jamaica whilst growing up. That experience immensely helped to inspire his music. Today, SKORPIO’s desire is to push dancehall music to another stage of evolution, whilst paying homage to the legends who have inspired him -  such as Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Vybz Kartel, Shabba Ranks and others. These are huge footsteps SKOPRPIO aims to follow.

Music runs within SKORPIO’s veins. His grandfather is a performer who goes under the name of Ras Heights with the hit song “Feelings of Love” under his belt.

Afro-Dancehall artiste SKORPIO’s aim is to give the ‘the wickedest whine!” to music lovers the world over.

His debut tracks “REV UP” and “SHOT SHOT SHOT!” are within the realms of his own uniquely created style but also it is a fusion between both dancehall and the catchy melodies of Afro-beats, bringing it all together into a feel-good Afro-dancehall sound.

Stream “REV UP” here:
Watch "REV UP" HERE on Youtube

Stream “SHOT SHOT SHOT!” here:
Watch "SHOT SHOT SHOT" HERE on Youtube

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