A Caribbean Christmas Carol Starring the Charming Island of Anguilla

Beautiful White Sand beach in Anguilla

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Tuesday, December 14, 2021


Christmas is the time of year when we gather with friends and family to celebrate our love for one another. However, what makes Christmas truly special are the unique and perhaps peculiar traditions each family honours year after year. For some, it’s the relatively ubiquitous hallmarks of decorating the tree with ornaments or hanging lights outside. If you’re Japanese, you may bring home a bucket of fried chicken on Christmas Day…or perhaps a festive platter of whale skin, if you’re a Greenlander.        

While the vast majority of Canadians likely won’t be decking the halls in plastic spiderwebs, as they do in Ukraine, there are plenty of Christmas traditions from abroad that may be a bit more familiar to Canadian revellers. With some of the most breathtaking beaches and stunning properties in the world, the Caribbean island of Anguilla is not only an ideal destination for a winter getaway, but is also home to some compelling Christmas celebrations.  

The biggest Christmas event on the island is the lighting of a Tamarind tree at the Trough, located in the historic Lower Valley. Organized by the Lions Community group, the lights on the tree extend far past its branches, stretching to different sections of the street as well as fences and arches. Attendees can expect a festive celebration while gazing upon the Yule time light show.  

Properties across the island do their part to try and make the grounds as festive as possible. The Malliouhana, An Auberge Resort, throws grand concerts bringing in local musical artists as well as lavish beach parties. The Four Seasons Resort and Residence Anguilla has brought in musical guests such as the X Ambassadors and Pentatonix to bring the Christmas spirit to all its guests. The property also organizes a poolside party, Christmassy classified as a “Caribbean Winter Wonderland,” with festive music and drinks!  

Christmas is a collective celebration in Anguilla: one where the entirety of this normally serene island comes together to celebrate in style. Try Christmas the Anguillian way when next you fly south to escape the snows, and perhaps bring a Tamarind tree back with you! 

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