9 Questions to His Excellency the Governor of Montserrat Andrew Pearce


Hon Don Romeo

Release Date

Monday, March 23, 2020


Your Excellency,

I just received a call from a member of the public who wishes to ask you several questions but prefers to remain anonymous for reasons we would understand. The individual referred to a public notice (as below) coming from “HM Governor’s Office Montserrat which states:

Monday March 23 2020


Due to the COVID 19 developments all staff of the Governor’s Office will be working on a Working From Home basis.

Inquiries will be taken over the phone only.

Please call 1 664 491 2688 to have your query directed to the appropriate party

Please stay tune [tuned] to our facebook page for more information

The questions being asked are:
1. Why is the Governor’s Office acting differently to the instructions he and our Hon Premier are giving to all other Government Offices under his remit?
2. Is the Governor aware of something that the local private workers and public servants are not?
3. Is the Governor making sure that his staff do not protest and insist on social distancing?
4. Can Private sector businesses do the same for their staff?
5. Will the staff in the private sector get paid similarly to the Governor’s staff?
6. Is the Governor’s Office not blocked off from the public by the glass screen and secure door at the entrance, protecting the receptionist as well as all working inside, while most local Offices have no such barrier?
7. Is he making sure to isolate and protect himself and his family?
8. Are workers with respiratory illnesses and other preexisting conditions expected to go out to work under normal circumstances?
9. Does our Governor have a different legal responsibility to those in his Office as he has to local public servants and the general public?

Your excellency, I am sure that you would agree that these questions are reasonable.

Therefore, as a representative of the individual and all on Island, I seek your responses to the above questions in writing or you may wish to do so in a public statement.

I shall share this communication publicly so that they, too, are aware of your responses in a timely fashion?

Best regards,

D. Romeo

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