8X Grammy Award Winner Stephen Marley's Founded Kx Family Care, Announces CBD Care Line

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Monday, December 12, 2022


Founded by multi-luminary Stephen Marley, Kx Family Care have announced their all natural, plant-based, CBD personal care line for the entire family. The company foundation embraces the native healing botanicals and natural beauty of Jamaica by utilizing plant-based healing elements at the core of their products.

The debut collection features the brand’s limited edition holiday bundle, including two of Stephen’s favorite products, the multipurpose Hair and Beard Oil and the Pain Relief Balm, available now exclusively at www.kxfamilycare.com.

“Due to my love for the hemp plant and all the various uses, Kx Family Care was a natural progression for me,” said Stephen Marley, founder of Kx Family Care. “This brand is authentic in every way, from the natural infusion of Jamaican botanicals in our products, to the eco-friendly wood and glass packaging we use. Family, natural health, sustainability and respect for the many uses of the hemp plant is what we’re all about.”

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Stephen Marley and Co-Founder/CEO Shelly O'Neill spent the last three years researching and developing plant-based, multi-use products for busy families. The idea for Kx Family Care was born and fostered through their existing working relationship at Kaya Fest, Stephen Marley’s own yearly world music festival. While Kaya Fest supports education around the many uses of the hemp plant, it is by virtue of their mutual desire and like-mindedness to create a line of multipurpose, family-focused hemp products that are ecologically sound, affordable and safe for the entire family that Kx Family Care came to fruition.

The driving force behind Kx Family Care is the desire to create everyday products utilizing all natural, non-toxic ingredients. Full Spectrum CBD oil, free of THC, is used in both the Hair and Beard Oil and the Pain Relief Balm for its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Sunflower oil, also found in both products, boasts many benefits including Vitamin E and Linoleic acid, which contain antioxidants that help protect the skin from free radicals and maintain its natural barrier. Additional ingredient highlights include Black Seed oil, Mangosteen extract and Soursop, all widely used in Jamaican culture for their regenerative properties.

"In the spirit of Jamaica, known as the land of “Wood and Water,” we capture the essence through the use of biodegradable wood and glass in our packaging." - Kx Family Care"

For the holiday season, give the gift of health!


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