School Safety Officer, Secondary Education

Posted by Ministry of Education, Youth Affairs & Sports

Job Title: School Safety Officer, Secondary Education

Location: Brades , Montserrat
Salary: Included
Expiry Date: Friday, December 2, 2022
Posted by Ministry of Education, Youth Affairs & Sports

The Government of Montserrat is inviting applications from suitably qualified persons for the post of School Safety Officer, Secondary Education, within the Ministry of Education, Youth Affairs and Sports.


To maintain order and discipline, prevent delinquencies, investigate violations of the School Rules solely for ensuring the safety, security and welfare of students and staff, along with the protection of school property.


As a member of the school leadership team, the successful applicant will:

  • Maintain strict surveillance of persons and vehicles that enter and leave the school compound.
  • Conduct high visibility patrols of the school compound to enhance school security and safety of the learning environment.
  • Investigate violations of the School Rules and to escort uncooperative students to the Principal’s office.
  • Keep records and make oral and written reports of inappropriate activities on the school compound; 
  • Make routine spot checks of the compound for not only visibility but to highlight any abnormalities evidenced in infrastructure
  • Collaborate with management and staff on potential security concerns and to plan mechanisms to prevent their occurrence.


The successful applicant should ideally:-

  • possess ability to understand and carry out oral and written directions and to prepare clear and concise reports;
  • possess the ability to understand and deal effectively with students, staff and the general public regarding the security of school facilities.  More specifically, the applicant must demonstrate an understanding of children and young people's behaviour with proven experience working with young people at church or in the community.
  • possess ability to remain calm in stressful situations and to exercise sound judgement in performing monitoring and security duties;
  • have a working knowledge of the practices and procedures necessary to maintain order and ensure the safety and protection of individuals and security of buildings, grounds and equipment, in addition to a working knowledge of safety precautions necessary to eliminate or minimize fires, accidents and other safety hazards.   Training in one of the disciplinary bodies such as Scouts, Master Guides, the Royal Montserrat Defence Force, or the Royal Montserrat Police Force is desirable.
  • demonstrate qualities of honesty, trust, integrity, impartiality, maturity and physical condition commensurate with the demands of the post.


Appointment will be made on a contractual basis.

Basic Salary

R39- R36:    XCD $27,396.00 - $30,996.00 / Year

Contract Gratuity

12.50% of Basic Salary

Deadline: December 2nd, 2022