Win US$10,000: Custom Jewelry App, Engager, Announces New Social Media Competition


Carson Barker

Release Date

Friday, April 21, 2017


Engager, a mobile app for engagement ring customization, announced The Most Amazing Engagement Ring Challenge, a social media contest focused on finding the best custom designed engagement ring. The contest will accept 25- 50 entrants who will design and complete an engagement ring. The winner will chosen based on the most unique concept, sentimentality, origin story, and thoughtfulness of the ring. Entrants can apply until May 31st for a $10,000 prize.

"Engager is all about putting the jeweler’s studio in the palm of your hand, " said Nick Coutu, CEO of Engager. "Your smartphone becomes a window for real-time collaboration. We want you connected from that initial conversation pf describing your vision through each stage of the production process."

Coutu notes that his passion for giving people a chance to create their own engagement rings comes from a special place.

"I grew up seeing the devotion my parents had for making unique, meaningful, beautiful custom engage rings for clients. I wanted to bring that same feeling and experience to others. .Our artistry and service is unparalleled, and you get to see the beauty of ring making unfold. "

The Most Amazing Engagement Ring Challenge begins Tuesday, April 11 and continues through May 31. Entrants can now visit the official contest page for more information on how to enter.

Visitors can also find more information about the Engager experience through the brief video provided by the app creators as shown below:

See more via video below also:

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