Video And Pictures Of Basil And Friends Lyming For Montserrat Festival 2011


Jeevan Robinson

Release Date

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


It does not always require great planning to have a really good time with friends. Impromtu lyming sessions such as the one that prompted this piece, makes Festival and being home in Montserrat, even more special.

So this is the set up.

Half an hour before we gathered at Richard's, my friend, Ben Meade rang, "Boy wey you be?"

"At Radio Montserrat." I replied.

"You working today?" asked Ben.

"No. I have an interview with a Trinidadian artiste for MNI Alive, so I decided to do it here." I responded.

As soon as I finished the interview, leaving the studios of ZJB, I rang Ben again, only to be told he is at Richard Samuel's with Algie. No problem. I made my way there to greet them. It so happened, that upon arrival, I was duly informed that I was 'behind', and was hastened to a drink by Algie. Ben's poison was guinness. Algie and myself decided we preferred the taste of Heineken.

So as we chatted and joked, we decided we needed to find out where Basil was presently. Both Ben and Algie were already two steps ahead though, as I was told Basil was en route to Richard's. He arrived at Richard's about forty minutes after I arrived there.

Now what ensued for the remainder of the afternoon was a lather of jokes, drinks, teasing, and good banter. Basil as is customary peppered us with stories that had the entire bar erupting in fits of laughter. Some of the stories I actually videod but due to their content, I would have to create an adults only partition for folks to hear them.

Throughout that session, we all discovered that Hoka Dan, who came by to hang with us, was also known as John! Or ist it Alfred? He was being teased being called both names, as Basil whispered them to us as Hoka was spotted coming towards Richard's. Hoka immediately knew that it was only Basil who could have told us those were his names. Or are they? I am still none the wiser!

Both Algie and Ben chimed in with timeless stories of different situations they recall happening around Montserrat. All this was in full flow as the drinks continued to flow without limit.

"Damn!" I thought. I had only wanted to come to hang for a brief period, then get back to working! Guess I fooled myself there!

The video session shown below was entirely impromtu. One guy came and pulled out his mouth organ, another showed up with drums. Do not ask where the triangle and the shack shack came from, but they mysteriously appeared! We took the gathering from inside Richard's to outside, and after several tunes, evening came in on us as we closed off the impromtu 'lymin' session with the video displayed below.


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