Vallis Weekes aka DJ Shaker HD Making Great Music With Marzville on the Track Titled "Sweetness"


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Monday, April 23, 2018


The thing Marketing, News & Information Media - MNI Media, most admires about Vallis Weekes aka DJ Shaker HD ,is that he has taken his craft international; gaining both recognition and respect for doing so.

DJ Shaker HD comes forward once again, plying his producing skills; this time teaming up with the soca artiste Marzville, who is one Of Barbados' top entertainers. The track they have teamed up on for CropOver 2018 is a tune titled "Sweetness". 

Listen below: 

This massive collaboration between DJ Shaker HD and Marzville came about when the artiste was recently in the UK with Boyzie - the reigning Grenada Soca Monarch and the winner of the Arrow International Soca competition held in Montserrat for St Patrick's week 2018.

The two creative minds came together and produced this track to add more flavour to the party vibes for CropOver 2018.

Shaker HD and Marzville received production assistance on the track from Montserrat born, Deon Ryan who played guitars on the track. Also on board was the the team that gave you that big hit back in 2017 for CropOver "Give It to ya" - Brukway productions out of Antigua, and Mr. AXA DJ Jeanie.

Shaker HD has gone even further into the soca arena where he was also recently involved in one of the biggest songs for Trinidad's carnival 2018 - ‘Blaxx - Hulk’. 

Listen to that track here.. 

Shaker HD will be working with more artistes throughout the region for the upcoming summer carnivals around the Caribbean. They are also getting ready for Montserrat's Festival 2018!

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