Toronto's Winterfolk Music Festival 2024 Spring Festival - Tickets Selling Fast

For more than 20 years, Winterfolk has been a February staple, but they’re now adding a spring edition to the mix.

Eric Alper

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Thursday, May 23, 2024


Winterfolk Music Festival is proud to announce its inaugural Spring Edition event taking place on June 8th, 2024 at Toronto's historic Redwood Theatre, 1300 Gerrard Street E. This special edition of the festival promises to be a celebration of local talent, culture, and community, showcasing the incredible diversity and creativity of Toronto's music scene.

For more than 20 years, Winterfolk has been a February staple, but they’re now adding a spring edition to the mix. This lively event continues to celebrate folk, roots, blues, and world music. From its inception, Winterfolk has been dedicated to showcasing local talent and fostering a robust mostly local musical community across different generations. Over time, the festival has contributed over $750,000 to its performers, with more than 80% of its revenue directly supporting the artists.

All of the Winterfolk talent featured at the Spring Edition are local GTA artists, highlighting Winterfolk's commitment to supporting and promoting the vibrant community of musicians, and by showcasing these talented artists, Winterfolk aims to provide a platform for local musicians to share their artistry and connect with music lovers from across the city.

The Redwood Theatre, steeped in history and renowned for its intimate atmosphere, provides the perfect backdrop for this unique musical experience. With its rich acoustics and cozy setting, attendees can immerse themselves in the music and feel a deep connection with the performers.

The Winterfolk Spring Edition will feature a diverse lineup of musicians spanning various genres, from folk and blues to roots and world music.

Main Stage Notable performing artists and times include:


Shawna Caspi


David Newland


Mid Century Modernes - Uncovered


Brian Gladstone


Lynn Harrison


Noah Zacharin


Issak Bonk


Robert Priest


Donne Roberts Band


Gary Kendall Trio


Toney Springer – Wild T and the Spirit


Garnetta Cromwell and daGroovemasters

Winterfolk will also feature workshops and audience interactive sessions, providing a unique opportunity for attendees to engage with the music and artists on a deeper level while supporting their local community.

“We are proud to showcase the incredible talent of our local artists and support the vibrant music community in Toronto,” said Brian Gladstone, Founder of Winterfolk Music Festival. “This event is a celebration of our city’s cultural diversity and artistic excellence, and we look forward to sharing an unforgettable day of music and camaraderie with everyone.”

The folk music world is evolving rapidly, with new styles shaping its landscape. Festivals play a crucial role in highlighting these changes and connecting musicians and fans. It takes active involvement and participation from the music community to create and sustain vibrant festivals that celebrate the diverse sounds of folk, roots, blues, and world music.

Tickets for the Winterfolk Spring Edition are available for purchase online at , with early bird discounts available for a limited time. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the magic of Winterfolk and for fans to continue to support their local artists.

Ticket Information:

Pre-order online

Ticket Prices

May 1 - May 31 - $30.00 

June 1 - June 7 $35.00 if available 

June 8 - Pay at the door - $40.00 if available

Service fees may apply for online sales

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