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Tuesday, June 17, 2014


There’s no denying that the Caribbean climate, with its dependably warm sunshine and sea temperature to match, is ideal for stripping off and letting it all hang out.

Most residents nevertheless elect to wear their birthday suits in private behind closed doors or high walls in the company of a chosen few.

Not so the increasing number of tourists whose preference for a "clothing optional" vacation is now indulged by several clothing optional resorts in the region.

But not all nude resorts are equal, as USA Today was quick to advise in "Caribbean in the buff: Top nude resorts."

As the travel article pointed out: "There’s an important distinction to keep in mind if a traveller is considering vacationing at a clothing optional resort in the Caribbean: there’s a difference between a naturist tourist and a lifestyle tourist.

"A naturist will be content to enjoy the sea and sand in the nude, while a lifestyle tourist will also be interested in sexual adventures, which might include swinging. Some resorts host special lifestyle weeks, which could end up being awkward if that’s not what a traveller is looking for."

Meanwhile, apart from promising a vacation requiring minimal packing, there appears to be a whole lot going on (or coming off) in the Caribbean’s leading nude resorts.

Here’s USA Today’s selection:

Club Orient, St Martin‚Ä®
Club Orient, a resort on the French side of the island of St Maarten, is on one of the most famous nude beaches in the Caribbean – which isn’t always a good thing. A person doesn’t have to be nude to gain access to Orient Beach, and the occasional tour group from a cruise ship is known to amble by, doing their best to get an eyeful.

There are a couple of things that make the 137-room Club Orient different from many other resorts in the Caribbean. First, it’s not an all-inclusive resort, which means guests pay as they go (drinks, meals, activities, etc.) The other aspect that sets it apart is that it’s a kid-friendly au naturel resort; multi-generational families can be seen taking a sun bath sans clothing. The hotel is also nude-friendly throughout the property, not just in restricted areas. Seeing a nude dude dishing up a plate of meatballs in the resort’s main restaurant could take some getting used to.

Guests have a choice of booking rooms in one of the chalets or upgrading to a villa, which affords an extra measure of space and privacy. Club Orient also has a spa, lots of sports and water activities, as well as the option for enjoying a massage on the beach.

Hedonism II, Jamaica‚Ä®
Hedonism II in Jamaica is the big daddy of nude and naughty holidays in the Caribbean. While many au naturel resorts stress the health benefits of the naturist lifestyle, it’s pretty clear where Hedonism II stands on the subject: run the sexual fantasy flag up the flagpole and see who salutes.

This adults-only all-inclusive resort in Negril has a loyal crowd that returns again and again for the kind of spicy holiday Hedonism II offers. This includes two private beaches (only one is nude); unisex saunas and steam rooms; three pools, including a nude pool; five bars; dancing at Club Hurricane; live entertainment (which leans towards the raunchy side) and theme nights, which vary from Reggae Nights to a Fetish Fantasy theme.

There are 280 rooms, and suites have sexy touches like mirrored ceilings and five-head Jacuzzi showers. Guests have the option of choosing rooms in either a nude section or a clothed wing. In addition to all the provocative fun, guests can indulge in all sorts of activities, including tennis, miniature golf, snorkelling, kayaking and water skiing; there’s even a rock-climbing wall.

It’s safe to say that Hedonism II is a lifestyle resort that is not for the easily embarrassed.

Caliente Caribe, Dominican Republic
Caliente Caribe is the only au naturel resort in the Dominican Republic. The all-inclusive resort is clothing-optional throughout the whole property so guests might find themselves being enticed into a game of nude volleyball or adding a whole new wrinkle to the phrase, "bellying up to the bar."

Guests at Caliente Caribe shouldn’t expect a particularly high quality of food or high standard of rooms. Amenities are basic. Guests come here for the obvious reasons: to shed their clothes in a beautiful beach setting and to mingle with like-minded people. The resort has hot tubs, a private nude beach, pools, a nightclub and a Friday-night beach luau complete with roasted pig. Check ahead when booking since the resort sometimes schedules "lifestyle weeks," which may or may not be to a guest’s liking.

The Natural, Curacao‚Ä®
While some resorts have the distinction of being the only clothing-optional property on the island, The Natural can broaden that boast with its claim to being the only au naturel resort on the ABC islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao.

The Natural on Curacao welcomes all types: couples, singles and GLBT guests – the only restriction is a minimum age of 16 years old. Unlike some naturist resorts, guests don’t have to shed their clothes; they have the option of staying covered up, even if they’re outnumbered. The Natural makes no pretences of being five-star and guestrooms and amenities are on the modest side. The big selling point is the resort’s laidback, accepting ambience.

Couples Tower Isle, Jamaica
A person taking a walk through Couples Tower Isle, in the Jamaica resort town of Ocho Rios, would figure it to be much like any other all-inclusive resort. They’d see a selection of pools, restaurants and activities on the beach. There’s one difference though, a major one: those guests taking a short boat ride out to Tower Isle’s namesake island had better be prepared to strip down to the buff.

Tower Isle is a small au naturel island just offshore where nudity is required, not optional. Tower Isle has been established away from the resort to maintain the privacy of the bare-bum sunbathers, as well as to shield the view of nude bodies from those who might faint at the sight.

There’s much to recommend the adults-only resort. Guests can snorkel among the reefs, bliss out in the Zen-inspired spa, and dine on island farm-to-table cuisine. Upgrade to a one-bedroom ocean suite and enjoy a Jacuzzi tub, personalized minibar, and enjoy sea views, including Tower Isle.

Couples Tower Isle is a good choice for au naturel newbies who might not be ready for a full-fledged clothing-optional resort.

Source: (USA Today)


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