The Ultimate Self-Care Survival Guide for Summer 2024 by Healthy Planet

Essential vitamins and minerals

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Friday, May 31, 2024


As summer approaches, Healthy Planet, Canada's largest health and wellness e-commerce website and the country's largest organic, health & wellness store chain, is excited to announce its Ultimate Self-Care Survival Guide. This guide features the top ten essential products you need to stay healthy and vibrant all season long. 

“Healthy trends come and go, but true wellness can support those going through even the toughest times or the hottest months of the year,” says Muhammed Mohamedy, General Manager of Healthy Planet. “Supplements are an essential step in growing from the inside out, and they play an important role in a daily diet, just as much as leafy organic greens and produce.” 

Whether you are looking to maintain your fitness routine or improve your nutritional intake, Healthy Planet has the essentials you need to keep you feeling your best all summer long.  

Here are the Top Ten Summer Self-Care Essentials and their benefits as listed by Healthy Planet: 

Magnesium Bis-Glycinate 

Benefits: Supports muscle function, energy production, and stress reduction. Perfect for staying active and relaxed. 

Vitamin D3 & K2 + MCT 

Benefits: Enhances bone health, supports immune function, and improves heart health. Ideal for soaking up summer sunshine. 

 Advanced Vitamin B Complex 

Benefits: Boosts energy levels, supports brain function, and aids in stress management. Keep your summer days energized and stress-free. 

Omega-3 in a Zesty Lemon Flavour 

Benefits: Promotes heart, brain, and joint health with a refreshing lemon flavour. Essential for overall vitality. 

Total Body Collagen Powder 

Benefits: Enhances skin elasticity, supports joint health, and aids in muscle recovery to help maintain your summer glow. 


 Benefits: Supports healthy blood sugar levels and aids in weight management. Keep your metabolism in check. 

Organic Castor Oil 

Benefits: Nourishes skin and hair, supports digestive health and can be used for a variety of wellness routines. A versatile summer staple. 

Elderberry Syrup   

Benefits: Boosts the immune system, fights colds and flu, and is rich in antioxidants. Keep illness at bay during summer travels. 

Ashwagandha and Ganda   

Benefits: Reduces stress, enhances energy, and improves overall well-being. Stay calm and collected all summer long. 

Organic Red Beet Crystals 

Benefits: Increases stamina, supports heart health, and boosts detoxification. Perfect for active summer lifestyles.  

The savings get even better because Healthy Days are back! Visit any Healthy Planet location from June 6th to 9th for 10-60% off across the entire store*. Plus, you will have the chance to win up to $20,000 in prizes, including one plane ticket worth $2,000 or in 1 of 35 prizes of 50,000 Healthy Points, valued at $500.  

What started out as a small kiosk in a strip mall on the Danforth, has grown into a chain with 35 locations in Ontario to support those across the province in maintaining and improving their health. Healthy Planet aims to help every single Canadian lead a healthy lifestyle without taking a hit to their wallets.  

With new locations opening and renovations happening frequently, most recently in Scarborough located in Cedarbrae Mall at 3495 Lawrence Avenue East, and a new Healthy Planet Kitchen available at the newly renovated Oakville location at 2501 Hyde Park Gate, bringing wellness one step closer to all.  

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