The Human Spirit Triumphs over Adversity in new Documentary


Danyelle Simpkins

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Ann Arbor, MI – October 18, 2017Presenting itself as a gift to the community, the timely documentary, "Me, The ‘Other’," drew together over sixty people of varied backgrounds to voice an idea whose time has come: if we want unity, prejudice of all kinds can no longer be ignored. The diverse cast and crew members volunteered their time, talent and stories to reveal the hidden suffering and the quiet triumphs over adversity that surround us. Amidst the hatred and tragedies, the timing of this film is significant and guaranteed to spark conversations about "otherness" and "oneness."

Along with a team of professional artists, including a Director of Photography who recently shot Jared Leto’s documentary, "A Day in the Life of America", the cast of "Me, The ‘Other’" has inspired the film’s unfolding rich mosaic of human experience. The cast is comprised of twelve students from three local campuses in Michigan. The diverse group ranges from an African-American acting student from Flint who tells a personal heartbreaking story of the current water crisis in her community; a student from Mexico on the DACA program living in fear of deportation; a student from the storm-devastated island of Puerto Rico; and a 65-year-old transgendered student who was homeless and alcohol and drug dependent but chose education over suicide.

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The film features a predominately Michigan-based cast and crew and an original song recorded by talented local Michigan singer/songwriter, May Erlewine entitled, ‘Never One Thing’ which will be launched as a single with the upcoming release of the film.

Me, the other
Photographs by Brandie Ekpiken

About the Film:
"Me, The ‘Other’" is a documentary film created in less than five months about a diverse group of students living in Washtenaw County in Southeast Michigan. Through their struggles, we find ourselves in each of them.

"I believe that at this critical juncture in our journey as a human race, we need a radical paradigm shift in our approach to the preservation of our collective home by starting to view our planet as one country and humanity its citizens. Elimination of prejudice is one of the fundamental principles in establishing this goal. Storytelling is a powerful tool in raising awareness and bridging the gaps. With this film, we set out to tell stories of a diverse cast of characters who are on some level experiencing prejudice in their lives. They come from various backgrounds but in that deep place inside, they are all essentially one… and we are one of them. My personal hope for this film is to expose that sacred place inside where beyond the clouded isms of race, religion, class, gender, age, sexual orientation, physical appearance—lies a place of light, warmth, hope, and pure love called the human soul." —Shidan Majidi, Director/Co-Producer.

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Me, the other
Photographs by Brandie Ekpiken

About the Producers:

Me, the other Shidan Majidi: Co-Producer & Director
Shidan is a director and producer who has worked in the New York film and theater industries since 1991, working on several hit Broadway musicals.
Me, the other Shahrzad Mirafzali: Co-Producer
Shahrzad, although new to producing, has adapted to the position remarkably. She lives with her family in Ann Arbor, Michigan and currently works for the University of Michigan.

Sponsors & Funders:
Salon Vivan
Graduate Ann Arbor
Retina Specialists
Advanced Gynecology & Laparoscopy of North Jersey
Neuman Family of Santa Monica
Keller Williams
The Khadem Foundation

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