The Health Depot Pharmacy Launches Direct-To-Door Delivery Program Prioritizing Seniors and Vulnerable During COVID-19


Jessica Moran

Release Date

Tuesday, April 28, 2020


LONDON, ON (April 28, 2020) – The Health Depot Pharmacy is proud to launch their direct-to-door delivery service for prescriptions and health items across Ontario. Their unique triaged approach is prioritizing seniors, immuno-compromised individuals, and their loved ones during COVID-19. 

Canadians are being encouraged to stay home, and these important self-isolation and social distancing measures dramatically impact the quality of life for seniors and immuno-compromised individuals. They are in need of a reliable, direct-to-door delivery service that gives them reliable access to their medication, and necessary health items.

“We are committed to prioritizing seniors, vulnerable individuals, their loved ones, and supporting all Ontarians at this time.” Says Andy Donald, Founder & CEO of The Health Depot Pharmacy. “The core of what we do as an organization is to help individuals become, and stay healthy. Our online pharmacy and health store with direct-to-door delivery makes this easy for individuals, especially those that need it most.”

“As a registered pharmacist since 2011, my passion lies in supporting patient health. Especially at this time, it is most important for Ontarians to have access to their medications. Our unique triaged approach allows necessary medications to be delivered promptly to those who rely on them, we want to help people stay healthy and stay home.” 

The Health Depot makes the pharmacy and healthcare shopping experience simple for all Ontarians. Their healthcare e-commerce store has thousands of health essentials available for online purchase and delivery, which can be shipped together with prescriptions for free. Their Daily Dose Packs allow for an easy approach for patients who are taking multiple medications to have a simple, one daily packet approach, which is particularly helpful to seniors, caregivers, chronically ill, special needs individuals among others. 

Health Depot Pharmacy customers can also easily access their medication profile through PharmaConnect on their computers or mobile devices where they can enjoy the safety and security of having up-to-date medication information at all times. 


About The Health Depot Pharmacy

The Health Depot Pharmacy, founded in 2019 by Andy Donald was created in order to simplify the prescription experience. Their mission is to make the pharmacy experience simple, offering a seamless approach to getting prescriptions filled, and refilled in order to keep individuals safe, and healthy. Their free delivery, real-time access to customers' medication through PharmaConnect, low dispensing fee, and passion for ensuring their customers have the proper medication at the right time, continues to set them apart. Their team of Specialized Pharmacists (Geriatric, Respiratory, Diabetes Educators etc.) offers a knowledgeable and compassionate approach, where the patient is always put first. 

Their online health store, The Health Depot, carries thousands of healthcare items where customers can shop online for health essentials which get delivered straight to their doorstep, with free delivery when ordering prescriptions alongside healthcare items. 

During COVID-19 they are pleased to offer a triaged approach to ensure that those that are most vulnerable are protected. To learn more visit: www.thehealthdepot.caTwitterFacebookLinkedInInstagram

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