TeddieBeats & Naza Brand New Track for 2017 "Ben Dem Up": A Sweat Breaker!


MNI Media

Release Date

Saturday, December 23, 2017


Admittedly, this track was shared with MNI Media a few days ago, but we figured we would leave it for the weekend as the vibe it creates is one of clearing space to break away!

That's right!

TeddieBeats & Naza share with MNI Media their tune for 2017 titled "Ben Dem Up"

The title needs no explanation, but the lyrics in the song offer all the temptation needed as to what must be done, if you are one who follows instructions without complaint!

TeddieBeats & Naza must be congratulated for bringing the beats per minute up to a sweat level. Good work by both producers!

Listen to the big track "Ben Dem Up" via MNI Media:

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