Surfs Up! Explore St. Martin's Top Surf Spots this Season

Photo credit: @Copyright Jean Séb Lavocat SXM SURF CLUB

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Friday, June 28, 2024


Are you ready to hang ten and ride the waves this summer? We suggest venturing to St. Martin, one of the Caribbean's most surfer-friendly islands. This picturesque spot, sunny year-round, welcomes those to surf its crystal clear waters—an oasis for enthusiasts and beginners alike. Offering lessons, equipment rentals, and courses, St.Martin is a flawless destination for riders looking to surf against breathtaking backdrops.

St. Martin is a surfer's dream, offering stunning beaches and consistent and steady tides. If this piques your interest, we have hand-picked three captivating surf spots for this season. Each location provides a unique mix of natural beauty and excellent surfing conditions, ensuring an unforgettable experience on the waves.

Galion Beach: Renowned as a sanctuary for surfers, Galion Beach is a conservation area in the heart of the Nature Reserve, though still easily accessible. With its glistening blue waters and constant waves year-round, this beach boasts excellent surfing conditions, its teeming reefs providing a wind barrier. We recommend hitting up SXM Surf Club and Windy Reef Center, where skilled instructors with over 20 years of experience can show you how to ride the waves both safely and confidently.

Plum Bay: Plum Bay, known for its tranquillity and lack of crowds, offers surfers a peaceful retreat for riding the waves. This hidden gem presents one of the island's most picturesque Caribbean landscapes with golden sunlit sand and iridescent seascapes. Plum Bay is ideal for surf enthusiasts: it becomes truly impeccable when the sea swells and waves run onto the shoreline.

Mullet Bay: When the sea swells, surfers run to the waters, eager to ride the waves, promising an epic surfing adventure. Mullet Bay, a surfer's paradise, is the perfect blend of natural beauty and thrilling waves, making it a top destination for surfers. Bordered by greenery, this glorious beach provides ample shade from the hot Caribbean sun. 

When you choose St. Martin for your next surf trip, you can expect exceptional surfing conditions year-round under the radiant Caribbean sun. Visit for more surfer-friendly spots in St. Martin. 


Photo credit: @Copyright Jean Séb Lavocat SXM SURF CLUB

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