Spoken Word: Where Is My Mind?

black man thinking

William Bubblicous Galloway

Release Date

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Why is your mind always in the gutter
You view it as a passage of sin
As if the ultimate stench of society lived there
Had it not been the refuge for waste
The place where vile sediments are deposited
Where corruption meets its best friends
Like politicians on a getting to know you campaign
The place where men carve paupers trying to get rich
Where dogs ravish on dogs carcasses
Someone has to go there to solidify the end result
To make sure that the finality does not appear pristine

The walls appears thick bordered by our encapsulated society
Then filth ruts a pinhole leak and oozes back in unnoticed
The cohabitation paradise for pimps and prostitutes
Where barristers find the elevator to riches
The development and distribution center for drug dealers
Like solid irony it carries the healing to our society
Transporting our waste and polluted deposits to cleanse us
Save for its ability to move things along through gravity
We bypass the fallen, oppressed, tyrannized and unscrupulous ones
Had it not been for the gutter's downtrodden existence
Our society will never survive health wise
Yet ironically it offers one of the more fun filled place to play
If one stands tall enough and stay still you too can see the gutter
Ignore the masked stench of aroma please don't inhale

Editor-in-Chief's Note: William 'Bubblicous' Galloway is a Spoken Word Contributor with MNI Alive

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