Spoken Word: Tell Me (For a Dear Sister Now Passed)


William "Bubbles" Galloway

Release Date

Friday, January 11, 2019


How do you say goodbye to a sibling?
This unaccepted truth that keeps on nibbling
Along the assuming road of life we drive
Not that anyone will escape earth alive
But assigned process as we are aware
Junior should never die before senior
Yet it happens everyday somewhere
Then nerves are too shattered to care

Flowing tears from the pain inside
Uncontrollable reaction that many cannot hide
The reality that a loved one will be around no more
Is like a raging bull coming through your front door
An urge to fight but the fight is too big without an enemy
Some seek to be consoled even on a bending knee
The heart strings are pulled like a big bass guitar
To a tune that rhythm nor toned ears can decipher

Reality is that you can’t sit this one out
Even if you take a knee you still can’t get a count out
Belief in the hereafter can ease an earthly burden
But physical loss of a loved one left most uncertain
Grieve! Yes grief is a must as time unfolds the truth
The ultimate revelation death cares nothing about youth
So live each day like the last for more certain it can be
Why not share kindness, let love shine between you and me

Note: MNI Media extends to Bubbles and his entire family our most sincere condolences on the loss of his Sister. May her soul rest in eternal peace.

**William "Bubbles" Galloway of MNI's resident Spoken Word Contributor

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