Spoken Word: Discipline


William Bubblicous Galloway

Release Date

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Standing with vise like grips on the bars
Staring motionless unto the adjacent wall
Thoughts racing at warp speed
Seeking realistic answers to justify
Simplify or condone, ask again why

Reasons lost, reasoning died
Reality confronted with utter disdain
Could have turned and move away
Pride you flirtatious scoundrel
You heartless vicious pond scum

Why why tell me why I would be free today
Instead incarcerated and confused
emotions transcending me like a bus depot
Truth diminishes a bending reality of hope
Today and forever a friend did die

A reverse look displays stupidity
He used violent actions due to alcohol
Could, should, walk
Instead juvenile reaction
One punch to the head here I stand
Violence predicts the measurement of my life

Photo Credit To Elizabeth Pulie

Editor-in-Chief's Note: William 'Bubbles' Galloway is a freelance spoken word contrinutor with MNI Alive

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