Spoken Word: Damn Coward


Release Date

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Runners brave heart break hill
Overlook and manage the tempered chill
After training all this time for this race
Knowing that one can't win but just to keep the pace
For this task, at least one needs to finish
In a decent time at least is my other wish

All this anxiety my finality comes tumbling down
Because of your built up hatred you damn clown
Killing and torturing innocent people
Soothing your ego and creating trouble
Your cowardly act behind hidden bombs
Runners losing their legs becoming amputees
Athletes destroyed by a miserable pathetic wanna be

Killing children and hurting moms
Emergency personnel scouting your playground
Villainous deed accomplished you weren't found Fear not they will catch your ass
For destroying children should've never been your task
I care not for your anger and reason for involvement
You are sadistic to add a child's death to accomplishment
Stand up raise your hand and say I did it come forward
Instead you hide and run you Damn Coward

Editor-in-Chief's Note: William Bubblicous Galloway is a freelance Editorial Contributor with MNI Alive

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