Spoken Word: Cut It Out

Spoken Word: Cut It Out

William Bubblicous Galloway

Release Date

Saturday, August 10, 2013


Protection meets paranoia and blinding security
Advocating fear strongly, holding the youths mental capacity
Accepting there always was and will be weird ones out there
Today an instant exposure to reality through an advanced media
We trod like careful concerned fools and confused idiots
Kids kicked out of school for pointing a finger as a gun
Years of playing imaginary cowboys and Indians now taboo
Bam! You dead! Cheerful playing or subconscious rhetoric

Handcuffing the masses to subdue the few unknown
Geronimo the hero or the warrior used a weapon
Mentally we charge lifetime characters like Wyatt Earp
Django and Doc Holiday the thought of a gun must be erased
Kids play these games since history introduced heroes
Many leaders enjoyed the thrill of being a villain
Kids utilizing their imagination and finding comfort
Adults do it everyday some in the comfort of their home

Certain limitations on a child's world restricts mental growth
Fear of where the mind can go eliminates Disney World
Sometimes strength is built in rational confrontation
A boot out of school change not a criminal mind
Education carves the path to better acceptance and understanding
We forge to have a grasp on life's reality through avoidance
Eventually the circle completes its cycle and truth prevails

Physical interaction cannot be morphed through medication
Let the kids play and educate them in the right way
Pay attention to the interaction and friendship they seek
Nurture and help when necessary but not overly
In the rose garden of life the weeds will show

Editor-in-Chief's Note: William Galloway is a freelance Spoken Word Contributor with MNI Alive

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