Some Perfect Proposal Spots in Antigua and Barbuda.... Where you can be assured a ‘Yes’!

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Wednesday, June 26, 2024


We may now be on the tail end of Romance Month in Antigua and Barbuda, but love never truly leaves the air in this Caribbean twin-island paradise. With 365 beaches, two islands worth of unspoiled nature, and scores of Instagram-worthy backdrops, Antigua and Barbuda is among the best places to pop the big question. However, choosing the ultimate proposal spot can seem a little daunting. Never fear: we’re here to fill Cupid’s admittedly tiny shoes!

Whether you're planning a surprise proposal or looking for that perfect spot to say "yes," our expertly curated list of proposal spots is your ticket to nuptial bliss. Below, we help you choose among the most stunning and romantic locations in Antigua and Barbuda, ensuring an unforgettable proposal.

Shirley Heights

Shirley Heights, Antigua & Barbuda

Overlooking English Harbour, this historic site often enjoyed by hikers offers panoramic sunset views of the island and the ocean, creating the perfect romantic backdrop.


Barbuda beach

Barbuda - Antigua’s sister island - is a secluded refuge of teeming reefs, coastal caves, and other stunning natural landmarks. Take a queue from the famous mating dance of Barbuda’s frigatebirds and pop the question on one of the island’s famous pink sand beaches.

Mermaid Gardens

Mermaid Gardens

These secluded gardens and natural rock pools provide a serene and magical setting amidst Antigua’s verdant greenery for an especially intimate proposa

Weatherills Sugar Mill

Weatherills Sugar Mill

An inspired choice for couples who love a breathtaking view, this elaborately restored sugar mill speaks to the history of the destination and boasts no shortage of rustic charm. As a bonus, the eponymous Weatherills Hotel offers and on-site restaurant and a flexible event space, perfect to host the wedding as well.

Clarence House

Clarence House

This colonial-era house infuses a proposal with a certain stately elegance, transporting one back in time. The view from its gardens certainly doesn’t hurt, either!

Turtle Watching

Turtle watching

Antigua and Barbuda’s offshore cays are home to rare, endemic species of turtles and tortoises - what better celebrants to add to your proposal? Infuse a little natural appeal to your big day as you pop the question from the deck of a turtle-watching charter boat.

Plan your romantic escape to Antigua and Barbuda today, and let the magic of this tropical haven sweep you off your feet. Ready to begin planning your getaway? Visit for more information. 

Flights and Accessibility

Antigua and Barbuda will remain eminently accessible from North America this summer, with consistent and convenient service from Air Canada on Saturdays and WestJet on Wednesdays and Sundays. With WestJet now operating midweek flights over the summer months for the first time, island romance is just a few hours away!


**All photographs courtesy of Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority**

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