Sir Howard Fergus To Release Both Festival At 50 And Tribute To Obama Books

Sir Howard Fergus

Jeevan Robinson

Release Date

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Sir Howard Fergus stands tall throughout the Caribbean and the Commonwealth as a leading academic, well versed on issues ranging from government and politics, regional history and other similar fields of thought. Sir Howard is also an accomplished author and is set to release, on Wednesday, August 29th, 2012, two new books entitled Festival At Fifty & Obama and Other Poems.

Sir Howard's book exploring Festival at Fifty will chronicle the history of Montserrat's festival from 1962-2012, as the island gets set to stage its 50th Festival celebrations this year. Juliette Brade, a former broadcaster who now resides in the UK, contributed significantly to the publication concerning Festival, along with other members of the Montserrat Diaspora. The other book by Sir Howard, Obama and other Poems, is a tribute to the current U.S President Obama.

Both books will be released at the University of the West Indies Open Campus on Montserrat, with the Montserrat National Trust hosting the event. It is also understood that there will also be a release of a reprint of Sir Howard's autobiography, Road From Long Ground.

The book launch is scheduled to begin at 5:00PM.

Photo Credit To The Montserrat Reporter

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