Sepp Blatter Re-elected President of FIFA

Sepp Blatter Re-elected President of FIFA

Jeevan A. Robinson

Release Date

Friday, May 29, 2015


In light on scandal and controversy currently surrounding FIFA, Sepp Blatter has been re-elected President of football's world governing organisation, in a vote held in the early evening of Friday, May 29, 2015, at FIFA's Congress in Zurich, Switzerland.

The closest individual to dethrone Blatter, was Jordanian Prince Ali bin al-Hussein, but he fell short and withdrew after the first round of votes were counted.

Blatter who is 79, has been President of FIFA since 1998. This will be his fifth term in office.

In light of ever growing scandals that clouded his reign, Blatter has faced mounting calls for his resignation from key global figures involved in the administration of the game, to even politicians calling for him to resign as head of FIFA.

14 individuals have so far his week been indicted by the US' Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on alleged charges of corruption to include kickbacks and bribes. These arrests have rocked FIFA, and have made headlines the world over. Despite this development, Blatter has still managed to hang on to power.

Speaking shortly after his victory, Blatter stated to the world's media that FIFA would return to its past glory; "and that he would hand over reigns to his successor in a strong position"

He further mentioned; “We have some organisational problems. We need women in this committee, we have to do more. I will not touch the World Cup, it is too important. I take responsibility to bring back FIFA, with you we will do it, I am convinced.

Blatter also stated during his speech; “I am a faithful man, now God, Allah or whoever we believe in, they will help us to bring back FIFA. I promise you at the end of my term I will give FIFA to my successor in a very strong position.”

FIFA's Presidential voting is conducted via a secret ballot. There are a total of 209 FIFA member states, who can only vote once during the elections.

According to the process that is publicly known, voting is done in alphabetical order.

The spread of votes goes accordingly:
  • The Confederation of African Football (CAF): 54 votes
  • Europe (UEFA): 53 votes
  • Asia (AFC): 46 votes
  • North and Central America (CONCACAF): 35 votes
  • Oceania (OFC) 11 votes
  • South America (CONMEBOL): 10 votes

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