Russia & Qatar May Have Paid FIFA Bribes & Jack Warner Being Investigated Over Haiti Monies

Russia & Qatar May Have Paid FIFA Bribes & Jack Warner Being Investigated Over Haiti Monies

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Thursday, August 6, 2015


As the FIFA crisis unfolds with allegations, and details of alleged bribes continue to surface, a new twist being reported today is that Russia and Qatar, who respectively will host the 2018 and 2022 World Cups, may have paid bribes to secure these World Cups.

According to a report by the BBC, these suggestions, as they are being termed, were made by Sepp Blatter's former special advisor Guido Tognoni.

Tognoni is reported to have stated; "In FIFA, for many years, you could only reach your goal by taking dollars in your hands."

This allegation towards both Russia and Qatar bares particular significance as BBC Sport is also reporting that Domenico Scala, head of FIFA's audit and compliance committee has stated that if evidence emerges from either of the ongoing investigations by the US or Swiss authorities that shows votes were bought, then the 2018 and 2022 World Cups awarded to both countries could be cancelled.

However, Tognoni shares a different view. On the issue of cancelling Russia’s and Qatar’s bid to host the World Cup he says; "Even if there is evidence that FIFA people were bribed, where is the problem? With FIFA, or the people who had no choice but to get the World Cup with bribing?"

FIFA's response was swift in coming. They released a statement to the effect that; "FIFA initiated the investigation by the Swiss authorities precisely to answer questions such as this.”

They went on to say; "However, while investigations are ongoing, it should be noted that to date, no evidence has come to light to suggest there are any legal grounds for rescinding the current FIFA World Cup selections."

Meanwhile, Former FIFA Vice President, Jack Warner continues to feel the heat in this scandal, as new reports are suggesting that he is now also being investigated by US authorities for monies raised, through FIFA, that were meant to assist victims of the earthquake devastation in Haiti, but have allegedly vanished.

Warner is reported to have visited the country in 2010 and subsequently raised $750,000 via FIFA and the Korean Football Association to help rebuild Haiti.

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