Premier Meade encourages OCT-EU Forum to go Green and use ICTs

Premier Meade encourages OCT-EU Forum to go Green and use ICTs

Nerissa Golden

Release Date

Thursday, September 12, 2013


The Honourable Premier of Montserrat, Reuben T. Meade last week encouraged his colleagues and officials at the Overseas Countries and Territories and European Union Forum (OCT-EU) to use less paper and reduce the carbon footprint and shared how Montserrat was progressing in an effort to do the same.

Minister Meade made the intervention during his closing address as the forum on Thursday, December 5, 2013.

"Last year in Greenland at the 11th OCT-EU Forum, we witnessed first-hand the impact of global warming. I therefore cannot resist reiterating my view as expressed in Greenland on the efficient use of resources that we have at our disposal. I would like to see the reduction in the use of paper and other polluting mechanisms in fora such as these, and utilize the Info Communication Technology at our disposal. Let us commit to using less paper at our future meetings to show in a positive way our contribution to the reduction in our carbon footprint.

"While we may not be the main contributors to this global phenomenon, we all have our role to play to lessen its impact," Premier Meade stated. "Montserrat is doing its part to reduce our carbon footprint. We are focusing on green energy such as geothermal and solar energy and creating an e-Government environment.

"Montserrat has successfully completed the drilling phase of the geothermal project. It is anticipated that by the completion of the project that ninety per cent of Montserrat's electrical supply will be provided by geothermal power. As we reduce our energy cost through the provision of geothermal energy, we will realize greater opportunities to trade with the EU and other OCTs as provided for under the new OAD," the Montserrat leader noted.

Premier Meade has long been a passionate user and promoter of the use of ICTs on Montserrat and around the Caribbean. He called on the OCTs to be "creative and innovative in finding opportunities" to improve their competitiveness and reduce their vulnerability. "We must collaborate as OCTs. Our people demand it of us as leaders. With the resources and opportunities being made available, it is for us to be innovative and deliver the development and growth potentials."

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