Preaching Black Lives (Matter) In The Midst of National Fight for Justice



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Friday, July 31, 2020


NEW YORK — July 31, 2020 — As protests around the death of George Floyd take place across the United States, messages of transformation and racial justice have never been more necessary or more relevant. Many who have been reticent to speak out on issues of racial inequality in the past now find themselves motivated to take action.

Preaching Black Lives (Matter), edited by the Rev. Dr. Gayle Fisher-Stewart an Episcopal priest and interim rector at St Luke’s Episcopal Church, Washington, DC., is an anthology of sermons, essays, and reflections that ask, “What does it mean to be a church where Black lives matter?” It explains why preaching about race is important in the elimination of racism in the church and in society, and how preaching has the ability to transform hearts. Essays are contributed by many leading Christian thinkers and pastors.

“Those who have been involved in the fight for racial justice will find that this book provides new and inspiring language to affirm their continued efforts,” said Mark Dazzo, SVP and Publisher of Church Publishing Incorporated. “For those who are ready to begin the conversation, it offers invaluable insights and talking points.”

While programs, protests, conferences, and laws are all important and necessary, less frequently discussed is the role of the church, specifically the Anglican and the Episcopal Church, in ending systems of racial injustice. The ability to preach from the pulpit is mandatory for every person, clergy or lay, regardless of race, who has the responsibility to spread the gospel.

 Preaching Black Lives (Matter) is an important resource for this moment, as churches everywhere consider how to gather and preach during the COVID-19 pandemic—which disproportionately affects African-Americans—and in response to current and historical violence against people of color. A vital look at the role of preaching in the elimination of racism, this collection is a much-needed call to action for all people of conscience at a critical moment in our nation’s history.

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