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Monday, August 29, 2011


As long as my bag is big enough, and most times it is, I never leave home without my MacBook. I take it just about everywhere. I love to write and I write every chance I get. I write in the park; I write on my lunch hour; I write on my sofa; and just before bed, I date an index card and write a thank you note to God.

Why do I write so much? Because writing to motivate is my passion. Writing gives me purpose, and it's the activity that makes me joyful. Some people like cars, others like the gym. Me, I like words, and with my MacBook, I can memorialize my words at anytime. I can save these precious sentences and at an opportune time, encourage someone to be fearless, motivate someone to inspire change, or testify as to what God has done for me. I'm a firm believe that there is life and power in words, whether these words are expressed verbally or in writing. A lot of us are unhappy, unfulfilled, and miserable because we're not pursuing our purpose. We're on a path that was not ordained for us. Unfortunately, instead of figuring out what we were placed here to do, we continue down this unproductive path. Your purpose is that activity that takes you to a place of complete joy, in and of itself. You don't need to be cajoled or rewarded to pursue it, but when you do, your experience is total bliss.

There is a reason why the majority of us aren't living a life of purpose. This is because we have failed to examine our lives; we have failed to figure out what truly makes us joyful. We're so focused on being happy that we forget that what we really want is joy. We've been brainwashed into believing that happiness and joy are one and the same. This is not so. Money brings happiness; a lot of friends bring happiness; popularity brings happiness, and material possessions bring happiness. However, all these things tangible or intangible might deliver happiness, but happiness is temporal and conditional. Pursuing and executing your purpose takes you one step further than happiness. It takes you into the realm of joy. Happiness is from the outside in and is always based on what you can get, or whether your circumstances are favorable. Joy comes from the inside out and is based on what you can give, regardless of your circumstances. If you can find the one thing that you can give consistently, every day, you will be joyful all the time. This is what writing does for me. Every time I open my MacBook I smile. Each time I do, it's only to encourage others to be better, to be content, and to be other person centered.

If you haven't found your purpose; I suggest you take inventory. Figure out what you do well, because anything you do well is worthy to be shared. When someone does a great job or is exceptional at a particular skill, offer a compliment. A little encouragement goes a long way. It just might be what that person needs to put them on the path to pursuing their passion. When you pass on your positive energy, it either empowers others to do the same, or encourages others to tunnel that energy into creating something outstanding. I call this the ripple effect of positive energy. When you've found your purpose, imagine how many people you'll be able to touch when you share your talent with those around you. Find it now; do it often; share it everywhere.

Ebonie-March Jones is a freelance contributor to MNI Alive

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